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Camille Styles’ Favorite Local Finds for Fall’s Cozier Nights

See what the lifestyle expert seeks as Austin transitions into fashion's favorite season

Camille Styles is editor-in-chief of, an Austin-based lifestyle site that reaches millions of readers around the globe. A daily guide to creating your most beautiful life, the site covers food, gatherings, design, wellness and beauty. For TRIBEZA’s style issue, we tapped the tastemaker to share the local items she’s loving for the cozier days and nights ahead. For Camille, it’s all about carving out time for those daily rituals that spark joy.

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Helm Boots

I think that every guy needs a solid moto boot that can be dressed up or down — one that immediately sends the message, “I’m cool, but I’m not trying too hard.” Thank goodness for local boot maker Helm that has kept Austin guys looking effortlessly cool since 2009, and this simple pair of slim-cut Pablos is my pick for the season.

The Pablo ($295)


For a beauty product lover like me, this launch is downright dangerous. Makeup artist Erin Lee Smith has curated a selection of natural brands and cult favorite beauty products that feel as elevated and luxe as the fashion that’s made ByGeorge a destination. Sure, that leather Celine bag may not be in my fall shopping budget this year, but you can bet I’ll be treating myself to a red lipstick from La Bouche Rouge with its luxurious refillable leather case.

70s America Lipstick Refill ($35)

Matriarch Candles from Frond Plant Shop

I was thrilled to discover that one of my favorite local shops stocks these divine candles. Each one is hand-poured in L.A. and looks as gorgeous on your coffee table as it smells. Just be forewarned before stepping into Frond to scoop one up; you’re probably going to walk out with two new plant babies, a ceramic planter and a hanging raffia basket, in addition to your candle. Or maybe that was just me.

Indigo Candle ($48)

Mug from The Coy Collection

Call me basic, but I feel a flutter of excitement the moment I see the words “pumpkin spice” start appearing around town. Thankfully, I’ll be drinking mine out of a one-of-a-kind mug that’s anything but basic from local ceramicist The Coy Collection. Each one is made to order and is a literal art piece — think of it as an “investment piece” that will truly brighten every morning.

Pink Moo Mug ($85)

The Ten Spot Nail Polish in Irish Coffee

The pandemic paused my biweekly manicures, and I’ll admit, my nails have suffered. That is, until I started diving back into at-home nail care, and you know what? It’s actually pretty fun. This shade from The Ten Spot is the perfect nude for fall — not too pink, and so neutral that you barely notice chips. And when you do decide to return to the professionals, this new spot in Rosedale Village is stringent on safety and a gorgeous environment to get your self-care on.

Irish Coffee ($11)

LALO Tequila

Anyone who claims that margaritas are just for summer clearly hasn’t tasted LALO because they’d know that this perfect tequila is meant for all-year-round sipping. During chillier months, I’ll be mixing up a spicy blood orange marg that makes the most of fresh winter citrus. Hot hostess tip: Always keep a bottle of LALO on hand for last minute holiday cocktails — you can thank me later.

LALO Tequila ($52.99)

Burlap & Twine

A curated “flower bar” on the happiest ever shop on wheels? Genius. For me, the quickest way to make my home feel like a sanctuary is to add fresh flowers, and new mobile concept Burlap & Twine makes it easier than ever. For fall, I’ll be hitting up their bright blue 1971 VW truck to treat myself — or a lucky friend — to their seasonal blooms sourced from local farms.

Body Jade Roller by Esker

Yes, I know you already gua sha, jade roll and lymphatic massage your face on the reg, but what about the rest of your body? It clearly needs some love, too, and Austin-based beauty company Esker has turned their attention to our skin below the neck. This extra-large jade roller is covered in ridges that boost stimulation, break apart tension-causing fascia and decrease puffiness. Self-care Sunday, sorted.

Allover Roller ($65)

Nontoxic Skincare from Botnia at eleMINT

A change in seasons is a perfect time to clean up your bathroom drawer, and may I suggest starting with nontoxic skincare from Botnia, available at eleMINT’s beautiful studio in east Austin? The entire collection is a treat for the senses, but I especially love the nourishing Weekly Digest Mast packed with colloidal oatmeal proteins for moisture, and pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes for gentle exfoliation and brightening. It’s just what’s needed for my parched post-summer skin.

Botnia Weekly Digest Mask ($38)

Lingerie from Elle’s Boutique

I’ll admit that pre-pandemic, my shopping choices were mostly based on how they made me look. But now, they’re every bit as much about how they make me feel. Enter Elle’s, a shop that’s dedicated to inspiring women to feel their most sensual. As we enter layering season, this year I’m giving a little more thought to that first layer. Even if I’m the only one who sees it, it’s amazing how the right lingerie can make one feel extra confident, underneath it all.

“Wounded” Painting by Artist Kelti Smith

It’s hard to choose a favorite piece from local artist Kelti Smith. All of her paintings are surprising, expressive and absolutely original. I especially love the simplicity and saturated color in this piece, cleverly titled “Wounded.” Not sure about you, but it makes me excited for all the pomegranate seeds I’ll be devouring this fall.

“Wounded” Painting (16 x 16) Acrylic Paint On Paper

Silk Charmeuse Robe from Miranda Bennett

Each of these 100% silk robes is bundled dyed in house in Austin using concentrated natural dye extract. The result is one-of-a-kind prints that makes these robes feel like an art piece to slip into post-shower. Or pair over a tank and denim for an effortlessly chic daytime look. Thanks to Miranda Bennett’s Zero Waste model, this is a purchase I can
truly feel good about.

Bundle Dyed Robe, Silk Charmeuse in Jalisco V.3 ($420)

Wool Jacket from Estilo

It’s become almost tradition that for my husband’s birthday each fall, I buy him a cool jacket for the season ahead. There’s something about a well-cut jacket that makes any outfit look pulled together, and this one is made of boiled wool but feels as soft as fleece. Pair with slim cut pants and a well-fitted white tee for a fall look that’s as ready for a night out as it is a cozy evening around the fire.

Boiled Wool Jacket, NN07 ($550)

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