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Austin-Based Nulo Pet Food Lets Pets Eat Local

Austin-based Nulo pet food brings healthy food to pets everywhere

Nulo Pet Food

The story of Nulo is really the story of Michael and Max. Michael Landa, Nulo CEO and Founder, was preparing for an upcoming work trip and was searching for someone to watch his black lab, Max, while he would be gone. With no luck finding an adequate dog-care situation, he decided to drive to Colorado instead of fly so that Max could join. While in the car, Michael had plenty of time to think about the lack of quality pet care options available and devise a solution.

He started what ultimately became the largest pet-care company in California and while growing that business, Michael learned a lot about trends in the pet world. After years caring for pets, he noticed a rapid increase in the need for at-home insulin shots due to the alarming rate of overweight and diabetic pets. After some research, he saw that diabetes in cats and dogs was on the rise everywhere. Determined to find out why, Michael learned it was something in the food supply that was causing the pandemic.

He soon discovered that most pet food recipes were about as nutritionally beneficial as fast food is for humans; made with empty calories that come from filler ingredients. In fact, Michael found that most major pet food brands contain more than 40 percent carb fillers and use high levels of plant-based proteins instead of real meats. Concerned with what he was feeding Max, Michael knew there had to be a better option for his buddy and for all pets. So, with the help of leading animal nutritionists, veterinarians and food formulators, he founded Nulo.

Nulo’s recipes are made with industry-leading levels of animal-based proteins, lower in carbs and use low-glycemic ingredients to promote a healthy body and stable energy. Today, Nulo has expanded its product offerings to include dozens of recipes, and the company continues to nourish the healthiest and happiest pets around. After all, says Michael, our pets are why we do what we do: we bring out the best in them, and they bring out the best in us.

What was once started for a black lab named Max, Nulo is proud to now provide healthy food for pets everywhere.

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