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Austin Eye View: Gabriela’s Group


Austin Eye View: Gabriela and Arturo

Styled by Carrie Crowe
Photo Shoot at Hearth & Soul 

Growing up between McAllen and Austin, food and drink always played a big part in the lives of Gabriela and Arturo Bucios, and in 2018, the brother and sister team opened their first venture together. Arturo utilized his extensive service industry experience to play the role of both chef and management, while Gabriela drew on her years of bartending to create the bar program and put her art school background to use by assuming the role of creative director.

Fast forward just three short years, and Gabriela’s Group has built a literal food and beverage empire with another location of Gabriela’s in the south; the candy-colored Taquero Mucho downtown; Revival Coffee and Seareinas, a Sinaloa-inspired seafood restaurant featuring live music. Arturo also brings live music acts into town, from all over the U.S. and Mexico, to perform at their two clubs, Mala Vida and Mala Santa. The mark they’ve left on Austin entertainment, with their fun approach to both dining and music, is already indelible, and we can’t wait to see what more is to come from this dynamic duo.

What are your favorite food and drink trends right now?
GABRIELA: “I really love seeing the explosion of birria tacos here in Austin. They’ve always been popular in Mexican culture, but thanks to social media in particular, this traditional dish is now trending everywhere across the city and beyond. My favorite drink trend is matcha drinks. They are perfect for when you don’t want to be over-caffeinated with strong coffee or energy drinks, but still want a boost to get through the day.”

When you’re not working, what can you usually be found doing?
GABRIELA: “I really enjoy producing music and DJing (DJ Gabby Got It). It’s been a great outlet for my creativity, as well as de-stress from long days at the office.”

How would you describe your personal style on a day-to-day basis?
GABRIELA: “Sporty-casual, with a lot of black pieces. I like to look good, but more importantly, be comfortable. Because I help to personally design merch for all of my concepts, I tend to wear a lot of our merch during the day, mixed with designer sneakers. I also like to dress up the look with a cool designer bag — a good purse can elevate almost any look.”

Where do you like to shop locally for clothes?
GABRIELA: “Out Hyped, Hype Appeal, plus the vintage markets held at Revival Coffee. I also like to try and wear my friends’ merch and designs as another way to show support.”

What are your favorite and least favorite current fashion trends?
GABRIELA :“Right now, my favorite fashion trend is the use of neon and bright colors that really pop, plus colored sweatpants that use funky fabrics and unusual patterns. Of course, I love the use of the millennial pink color that is so popular right now. My least favorite trend is definitely the foam, croc-like designer shoes that Yeezy brought to the mainstream masses.”

What are your favorite and least favorite food and drink trends right now?
ARTURO: “My favorite trend for food right now is the use of mariscos, as well as incorporating live music into the dining experience. I always wanted an environment that embraces both in one of my restaurants, which is why Seareinas was a perfect fit to be the next major project from my team. Favorite drink trend is and will always be margaritas. My least favorite food trend is tacos that aren’t really tacos aka street tacos. My least favorite drink trend is alcoholic drinks with tons of artificial flavoring. They not only alter the taste but can lead to major hangovers.”

How would you describe your personal style on a day-to-day basis?
ARTURO: “My day-to-day style is business or business casual because I’m always in work mode. This means you can often find me in a basic button-down shirt with jeans or slacks, while holding a very heavy computer bag.”

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