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Austin Living 101: Atif Ahmad


Sponsored by Adelo Mortgage

When it comes to Austin living, Adelo Mortgage owner Atif Ahmad is the expert. Atif has lived in Austin since the 90’s, raised a family here, and has left his tracks on just about every part of town. We asked Atif why Austin is the place to be and how his business helps others put down roots here, too.

You’ve lived here for many years. What made you decide to call Austin home?
I came to Austin for college originally, but what made it home was the close sense of community, eclectic culture and creative energy. I remember feeling “it” the very first time I visited back in 1991. A lot has changed since then, but this town’s soul is still the same.

What’s unique about Austin’s neighborhoods? Do you have a favorite?
There are so many great neighborhoods in Austin. Each one has its own vibe, and their own culture within the culture. My favorite is Tarrytown. I live there now and it’s the perfect mix of old and new. It’s close to everything but not too close to the downtown hustle. The East Side is growing fast on me with all its new restaurants, bars, event venues, art collectives and food parks.

For someone who is buying a home in Austin and doesn’t know where to start, how can you help?

The market in Austin moves fast and mortgage lending has become so detailed oriented — the key to a successful home-buying experience is often all in the set up. Understanding and structuring a game plan around your financial profile first is where we excel, and we pride ourselves on the relationships we grow in the process.

What are your top 3 must-visit spots for an Austin newcomer?
1. UT Campus: A mix of innovation and tradition always impresses me. I’d suggest grabbing lunch nearby at the Posse or Crown and Anchor.

2. Mt. Bonnell: I remember during my first couple of days in Austin, a friend took me towards the west part of town and how surprised I was by hills and terrain. I still like doing that today when friends visit; so much of Texas is flat and it is special that we have all this amazing elevation so close to town.

3. I really enjoy exploring neighborhoods; spending an afternoon in SoCo, then maybe rolling over to the East Side, and capping the day off at Clark’s on 6th would be a pretty solid day.

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