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Tribeza’s December Issue Covers Local Leaders and Notable Up-and-Comers

We recognize the movers and shakers bringing creativity, passion and inspiration to our growing city

I feel the need — the need for speed! 2022 has been a blockbuster year for Austin native Glen Powell, and he’s just getting started. Earlier this year, Glen starred as Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin in “Top Gun: Maverick.” These days, Austin’s golden boy is taking flight in a new project titled “Devotion,” currently in theaters. It’s a Korean War epic (co-starring Jonathan Majors) about the biracial friendship of two of the Navy’s most celebrated wingmen. And that’s just two of the many reasons he’s landed on the cover of this year’s Movers & Shakers issue.

When asked about the experience of flying while making “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Devotion,” Glen says, “Flying shape is a real thing — especially when you’re flying stuff that requires up to nine Gs . Your body’s not used to that. The blood is literally being pulled from your head, and there’s a physical thing to push blood back up to your brain. On ‘Devotion’ we were flying in these 70-year-old warbirds, ripping and roaring near lighthouses and low-level stuff and mountains. It’s extreme. But we really wanted to do something new and emotional and expressive with these planes. Movies haven’t been made about the Korean War, so we had to pull planes from aviation enthusiasts and make them safe enough to fly in for actors and pull them together where you’re having eight Corsairs flying in close proximity. They’ve never done that, not even in airshows.”

Editor Carrie Crowe. Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons.

When Glen’s on the ground and spending time with friends and family in Austin, he likes to frequent some of his favorite places. “I tend to stick with my established ones. Hotel St. Cecilia is my all-time favorite. That place is just magic. I would say that, in terms of getting drinks downtown, I still love the Driskill. It’s my favorite place. You start off with a classy cocktail, and then you get dirtier and dirtier as the night goes on. But, when I go back to Austin, my treat to myself every time is how I spent most of my birthdays — at the Salt Lick. You’ve got the BYOB policy, the bottomless ribs. They call me the ‘meat man.’ I love grilling meat. I love eating meat. And the bottomless meat platter at Salt Lick is one of my favorite things to do. I throw football parties out in L.A., and there’s one cabinet that is just all Salt Lick barbecue sauce,” he says.

This month’s issue also features Austinites that are “Ones To Watch” and those that are already “Making Their Mark” — including Evan Smith (former CEO of the “Texas Tribune”) and musician, actress and activist, Patricia Vonne.

Finally, ‘tis the season for “Satisfying Your Holiday Sweet Tooth” with decadent desserts from Canje, Sour Duck Market, Irene’s, Uchiko, Thai Fresh, Summer House on Music Lane, Maie Day and Gusto. Personally, I think the Milk and Cereal dessert from Uchiko is a piece of heaven. Pillows of fried pastry cream breaded in corn flakes accompany Cap’n Crunch, toasted milk ice cream and their iconic swirl of light chocolate mousse — truly taking cereal to a whole new gourmet level.

Happy Holidays!

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