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Tribeza’s Favorite Stories of 2022

As we look to 2023, we shine a spotlight on the articles that educated, enlightened and entertained us throughout the year

There was a lot going on in Austin in 2022 — and Tribeza was there to cover it all. To celebrate the year, members of our staff shared their favorite articles and reminisced on what made each one special. From stunning architectural design to important nonprofit work and everything in between, take a look at some of the most memorable stories of the year. 

“Cave of Wonder”

from the February Interiors Issue

Photo by Casey Dunn

A secret wine stash in a cave. A private bar hidden on a Hill Country ranch. There’s an air of mystery to this story: Tasked with designing a wine cellar and entertainment space inside a man-made cave along the bend of a river, architectural design firm Clayton Korte created a subterranean masterpiece. The secluded cellar features a bar and lounge, restroom, storage and seating area — and can hold 4,000 bottles of wine. David Clough, Social Media Manager

“La Condesa Marks 13 Years of Rising Chefs and Authentic Mexican Cuisine”

from Summer, Tribeza Digital

Photo by Holly Cowart

My favorite stories are those that lead me to points of discovery and make me feel more connected to this beautiful city. This is especially true for our La Condesa article from the summer, which celebrated the restaurant’s 13th anniversary and roster of accomplishments through the years. I was the photographer and got to visit with talented writer Laurel Miller, who also creates our monthly digital column Kindred Spirits, which chronicles cocktail history and bar trends across town. It was refreshing to learn about a longtime dining staple that I had passed by so many times on 2nd Street but never experienced. You wouldn’t believe the amount of well-known Austin chefs that fine-tuned their skills in La Condesa’s kitchen before establishing their own spots! Current Executive Chef Rick Lopez is doing an incredible job sharing his cuisine and heritage with passion and finesse. It’s a fascinating, wonderfully written (and delicious) piece of Austin history that I loved being a part of! Holly Cowart, Digital Media Manager

“Body of Work”

from the November Arts Issue

Photo by Niko Nordstrom

It is so hard to choose a favorite, but Body of Work in our November Arts Issue sticks out in my mind. The human body is a work of art in and of itself, and I am fascinated by these three artists’ ability to celebrate and amplify that in such unique ways. Anne Shackelford expressed her desire for art to “unite us with the beauty and joy inside each and every one of us.” My 4-year-old daughter was so fascinated by these images and spent a lot of time flipping through the pages, and I loved watching her experience both beauty and joy in the union of bodies and art. Krissy Hearn, Director of Sales

“FIRST LOOK: The Dirdie Birdie Opens at The Domain”

from November, Tribeza Digital

Photo by Holly Cowart

We shared an exclusive first look at The Dirdie Birdie, a brand new restaurant and indoor golf venue bringing a top-notch team of industry professionals together in one stunning space. When I visited to interview owners Vik and Lina Khasat and Chef Nicholas Yanes, the doors had not officially opened, but I could easily imagine the many exciting nights ahead for guests spending time with friends over a round of golf and imbibing in elevated bar food and cocktails. Each golf hole is more innovative than the next thanks to high-tech elements that elevate the mini golf experience to a level I didn’t know was possible. With amazing photos by my colleague Holly Cowart, this piece stands out as a special look into a new Austin establishment that’s sure to bring the fun to locals and visitors alike. Avery Matschek, Digital Copy Editor

“Building on a Strong Foundation”

from the June Neighborhoods issue

Photo courtesy of Austin Parks Foundation

The Austin Parks Foundation is my favorite nonprofit in Austin and this article highlights only a small portion of what they do for us! I love learning about all the new playgrounds and natural spaces they’ve helped protect and update so that generations to come will be able to enjoy them. They are also working to bring back the Zilker Eagle, the miniature train in Zilker Park, which my family owned in the ‘80s and ‘90s. While it’s been a long, complicated process, I have been very impressed with their diligence to restore this landmark attraction. Ashley Beall, Sales Consultant

“Ashley Kelsch Navigates the Highs and Lows of Co-Parenting”

from Summer, Tribeza Digital

Photo by Cristina Fisher

Tribeza’s dating and romance columnist Ashley Kelsch always offers a thoughtful and funny outlook when it comes to life and relationships, but this piece in particular stands out to me as one of our most compelling stories of the year. Detailing her unconventional parenting situation and family structure, Kelsch offers a valuable perspective on accepting the unpredictable things life throws at you and making difficult choices to benefit your loved ones. The story differs from our usual content, but still presents a look at the fascinating people and experiences that make up Austin. Meher Qazilbash, Digital Editor

“Adrian Grenier’s Entourage of Earth Savers”

from the March Music + Film Issue

Photo by Akira Chan and Alex Walker

In a surprising interview, “Entourage” frontman Adrian Grenier shows us that he’s not just a movie star — he’s also an environmental advocate. His docuseries, “Earth Speed,” tells us that if we want to heal Earth, we also have to heal ourselves. I also loved our story, “The Library is Open.” After slipping behind the bookshelf myself, I can truly say that Toshokan, which literally means “library” in Japanese, is a unique and intimate experience where diners are treated to a feast for the senses. Another favorite is “Taking Flight,” in which actor and Austin native Glen Powell is both humble and charming. We enjoyed catching up with him to discuss Top Gun: Maverick and his latest project, Devotion. Lastly, “Sometimes You Want to Go Where Nobody Knows Your Name” spotlighted five small, intimate downtown speakeasies with an “If you know, you know” vibe. These hidden gems prove that Austin is always full of surprises. Carrie Crowe, Executive Editor

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