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Step Inside Austin’s Best Interiors with Tribeza’s First Issue of 2023

We highlight some of the talented designers and architects behind our city’s gorgeous homes, inviting hotels and elegant eateries

We kick off 2023 with one of our most popular issues — Interiors! In “Unassuming Exteriors Lead To Unexpected Interiors,” we’re spotlighting four hotels that prove it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Rooted in design, these hotels combine luxury hospitality with Texas-inspired designs and the promise of serenity. Whether you believe a hotel room is simply a place to rest your head, or that the boutique hotel experience is imperative when planning a vacation, these hotels go above and beyond when it comes to unique design and creating an oasis-like feel — in the heart of all the action. The Frances Modern Inn is nourishing the curious, tommie Austin gives a dash of the desert, Kimber Modern speaks to the minimalist, and Hotel Lulu is treasuring history.

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If you’re looking to immerse yourself in an environment that feels reminiscent of the bookstore in the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” you’ll want to check out our feature on Vintage Books and Wine. Jean Buckner’s dream of owning an independent bookstore began when she watched the 1998 film with her mom. But after seeing bookstore after bookstore fail, she became obsessed with determining what it would take to make a bookstore successful today.

Jean Buckner of newly opened Vintage Bookstore and Wine Bar. Photo by Weston Carls.

“The more I looked into it, the more I realized bookstores weren’t closing because they didn’t have a customer base or loyalty from their communities,” says Jean. “It’s because publishers set the prices of the books. So bookstores don’t really have a lot of influence on how much they sell their books for, and the margins are just too small to make a big enough profit to afford rent.”

While studying marketing in college, Jean thought of the solution: wine. In “Marrying Books and Wine,” she talks about how combining two things she loves — the books with low margins and the wine with supportive high margins — she had the beginnings of a feasible business plan that was financially sound.

Finally, we highlight Design for All Partnership, a seed program introduced in 2022 from Michael Hsu Office of Architecture that provides high- end design services to nonprofits.

“This initiative allows us to go directly to the organizations in need,” says Michael. “In selecting the group and the project, we were able to ensure that our efforts would make an impactful contribution.”

Last year’s winner was Austin Angels, a nonprofit on a mission to provide support and mentorship to children and families in the foster care community. Check out this collaboration in “Architectural Angels.”

Our Interiors Tour is back on January 22nd! Take a sneak peek inside the stunning homes that will be on this year’s tour. See you there!

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