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I’m So Gonna Vote

I’m So Gonna Vote

A Look Behind…

As an American citizen, there are few rights more valued than the right to vote. This freedom, a bedrock of our democratic republic, at its best distributes power among the masses. While an automatic for some, the right to a free and clear vote has been hard-won by many disenfranchised groups. Women, African-Americans, and convicted felons have all protested, marched, lobbied, and even died for this most basic of American rights. We all know these stories, but the truth is that most of us, myself included, simply turned 18, registered to vote, and have been casting ballots on and off ever since.

so gonna vote austin texas voting atx stickerWell, as it turns out, in this great state of Texas, we tend to be more off than on. During any given election, Texas either ranks almost last or dead last in voter turnout. Three Austinites doing their part to change this pitiful statistic? Designer Jack Sanders, creative director Sarah Presson and writer John Spong, who along with others from sandlot baseball team, the Texas Playboys, helped design the “I’m So Gonna Vote” stickers that have been popping up on lapels all around town. The stickers, part of a larger “Turn out for Texas” voter campaign, were designed with the express purpose of garnering voter excitement. Thank you Jack, Sarah and John!

Let’s do right by our state and all head to the polls this Tuesday, November 6.