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Kristin Armstrong’s Musings

Kristin Armstrong – large photo

Ask Kristin Armstrong: Advice on Life, Love and Wellness in Austin

Meet the specialist helping people through life transitions, relationships, parenting, and purpose -- and share your questions with her
Kristin Armstrong – large photo

Frequency Not Feeling: Navigating the Dynamics of Love Beyond Emotions

Read Kristin Armstrong's latest deep dive on love's frequency, empowering choices, and the art of self-commitment
Kristin Armstrong (photo by Elizabeth Kreutz)

Inside Look at Kristin Armstrong’s Wedding

Kristin Armstrong finds a second chance at love and reflects on the joy of new beginnings
Kristin Armstrong – large photo

Kristin Armstrong on Car Racing in Europe and Finding the Joy in Being Both Rugged and Refined

"Sometimes it is about finding the beauty in the grit... the shining moment in the mess or chaos"
Kristin Armstrong Column Summer 2023

Kristin Armstrong’s Love at First Sight

On seeing life, almost as if for the first time

Kristin Armstrong and the Wisdom of Goldilocks

Tribeza's favorite insightful thought leader discusses life's transitions

Kristin Armstrong Urges You To Cultivate a Daily Vacation Mindset

"There's something lost in translation in our manic hurry and frantic busy-ness."

Kristin Armstrong Reveals the Way to Unlock Life’s Unlimited Supply of Beauty

"We have to be willing to keep our hearts open, no matter what"
Colorful illustration of girl holding books

Kristin Armstrong Celebrates Her Engagement with Message of Hope

“You don’t have to be perfect to be loved — loving and being loved is what perfects us.”