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Cultivate Your Indoor Landscape by Living Green

Living Green

A Look Behind…

So, you’re all about watching your sugar intake, taking the stairs at every reasonable opportunity (reasonable as in not wearing three-inch Manolos) and hitting the gym. But is there anything else you can do to keep yourself in line, maybe even while you’re sleeping? Cue the houseplants!

austin, succulents, plant shopBesides enjoying a major design moment, cultivating an indoor landscape with greenery can do a lot to improve your own personal environment without you having to do much in return. Win-win.

Years of research have proven that living and working among plants not only decreases annoying background noise but also lowers the levels of carbon dioxide, certain pollutants and airborne dust. Inviting a little bit of nature inside can bring on a feeling of relaxation and help keep stress at bay.

To get your fix, swing by these local favorites

215 W. North Loop

Austin Flower Co.
1612 W. 35th St.

Frond Plant Shop
507-A W. Mary St.

Succulent Native
906 E. 5th St.