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Local Love: Wedding Tips

Local Love: Wedding Tips

local love wedding february

Local Love | February 2018

How do you make sure that your big day goes off smoothly? We asked some expert wedding planners for their favorite tips for creating a memorable event.

David Kurio

David Kurio Designs

david kurio design austin wedding

TIP: When choosing your designer and florist, make sure they listen to you and your vision. At the same time, build a trust with them and incorporate their suggestions and years of experience. will maximize your budget and make your vision come to life. To avoid disappointment when planning and choosing the types of flowers you want, be aware that flowers are seasonal and not all varieties are available year-round. If you are set on a certain flower, such as blooming branches and spring flowers, but your wedding is in the winter months, these flowers will not be available. Photograph by Jerry Hayes.

Victoria Hentrich

Hentrich Creative Consultants

hentrich creative consultants austin wedding

TIP: Recessional music is very often overlooked. Why not recess to an upbeat song such as “When the Saints Go Marching In,” or the Texas fight song, if you are a Longhorns fan. “Oh, What a Night” is also a great song! Something like this adds excitement to what is coming ahead. Keep your guests on their toes. Photograph by Jodee Debes.

Courtney Young

Caplan Miller Events

caplan miller events austin wedding

TIP: Don’t overthink attire! The mother of the bride and/or groom’s dress doesn’t need to perfectly match your color palette. It’s more important that they feel beautiful that night in a dress of their choosing instead of putting strict parameters on the color they must wear!

Jenny Stone

Jenny Stone Designs

jenny stone design austin wedding

TIP: The personalities of your photographer and wedding planner are crucial, since they will be with you all day on the most important day of your life! If you put together a great team, it will make a huge difference in the mood and flow of the day. No matter what happens, rolling with it and having fun is what you and your guests will remember.
Photograph by Kim Francois

Beth Walker

36th Street Events

36th street events austin wedding

TIP: Be sure to schedule into your timeline time to enjoy the moments! We always recommend having our couples see the reception space together before we open the doors to guests. We want to make sure they get to see everything put together before the night flies by. One of our favorites is a private last dance. When guests get lined up for the grand exit, the couple stays behind for one final dance! It’s such a great moment to take in everything one last time!
Photograph by Jen Dillender

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