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Austin Makers + Industry: Local Love



Local Love | July 2016

We canvassed Austin tastemakers, friends, the interwebs and even walked a few back alleys (we take this stuff seriously) to uncover some made-in-Austin finds. So many great products, so little space, but here are a dozen plus to put in your basket.

Petrified Design
Nodo Chair

Price: $520
Contact to order:, 806-790-1622 or

In comes a ray of sunshine with Petrified Design’s Nodo chair. Ideal for sweet tea sipping by the pool, the Nodo chair is available in a spectrum of colors that make jelly beans jealous. Thanks to the lounger’s cozy comfort and baked-in cool, the Texas heat takes a back seat.

Lenoir Finishing Salt

Price: $10/2 oz jar
Buy at: Lenoir, Métier Cook’s Supply

Lenoir’s finishing salt is a secret weapon for chefs and foodies alike. Sprinkle on eggs, steaks, roasted vegetables and (naturally) popcorn, Lenoir finishing salt ups the umami factor on almost anything.

Thinkbaby Baby Bottles

Price: $9.99/5 oz Twin Pack
Buy at:, Whole Foods and other local retailers

How to be a stellar parent, Step 1: Shop ThinkBaby. ThinkBaby’s 100% BPA free baby bottles come with an anti-colic nipple that both mimics the sensation of breast feeding and reduces gas. Additionally, these bottles can be converted into sippy cups and straw bottles as the child grows. Talk about a 3-in-1.


Price: $35 each
Buy at: and local pet stores

Show man’s best friend some puppy love with Dog + Bone’s martingale collars. These colorful collars satisfy the three crucial S’s of dog gear— safety, security, and (obviously) style. Due to the martingale element of the collars, dog owners are able to safely and effectively communicate with their on-leash pups by using the quick pressure/release technique during training. In summation, these pet products are doggone good.


Price: $200/small (2.5″ high)
Buy at:

All that glitters isn’t gold. Handmade from responsibly sourced sterling silver and available in small, medium, large and grand, the Catherine Cuff evokes grace and power through its modest elegance.

SMALL BLANKET in Green Floral & Beige Gingham Cotton

Price: $80
Buy at:

Become a swaddling all-star with de Buci Baby’s small blanket in green floral and beige gingham cotton. From burp cloths to teddy bears, de Buci Baby is focused on creating luxurious children’s essentials.


Price: $15
Buy at:

A vintage piece with a modern twist, the “ You Belong Among the Wildflowers” garden marker is a must-have for anyone who feeds their soul in their garden.


Price: $29.99
Buy at: Spec’s, The Austin Shaker, Wiggy’s and other local liquor stores

Named after the nocturnal nine-banded armadillo, 9 Banded Whiskey couldn’t be more Texan if it tried. At 90-proof, this whiskey packs a punch while maintaining an easygoing finish. In all, 9 Banded Whiskey encapsulates the eclectic essence of Austin in liquor form.

Delysia Chocolatier

Price: Guitar $7/1.5 oz, Cowboy Boot $20/11.25 oz
Buy at:

Want to win the belt buckle at the Texas gift rodeo? Give your favorite Lone Star chocoholic Delysia’s guitar and cowboy boot molded chocolates —available in white, milk and dark chocolate. With award-winning flavor and a Texas accent, these give Willy Wonka a run for his money.

Lisa Crowder Jewelry
Rough Cut Bracelet

Price: $275
Buy at:

Lisa Crowder makes jewelry that’s lightweight but heavy on chic. Her Rough Cut bracelet comes in matte sterling, oxidized sterling silver or gold vermeil and goes from Pilates to parties.

Son of a Sailor
Leather hand-painted bracelets

Price: $28
Buy at: and Son of a Sailor on Springdale Rd.

Sail the seven seas with Son of a Sailor jewelry. Characterized by sleek, color-blocked patterns, Son of a Sailor’s leather hand-painted bracelets are a fresh take on maritime signal flags.

4th Edition Designs
Waterways Coffee Table

Price: $1,800
Contact to order:

A river runs through your living room with this coffee table. Made of reclaimed walnut, glass and metal, it’s a little bit Texas Hill Country, a little bit MOMA.

Dos Lunas Clasico Cheese

Price: $8.25/0.33 lb
Buy at:, Spec’s, Wheatsville & health-conscious grocers

Give a big smile and say “cheese” with Dos Lunas Artisan Cheeses. Dos Lunas’ strictly non-GMO formula uses milk from grass-fed, free-roaming cows and vegetarian rennet. With two American Jersey Cheese Association Awards under its cheese form, creamy Dos Lunas spreads itself around from quesadillas to dessert.

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