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EyeJoy’s New Shop on North Lamar is a Must-See

Modern aesthetics reveal an eye for high style


The day Dr. Catherine Park signed the lease to the building for her business, EyeJoy, she gave birth to her son. Looking back, she felt like she gave birth to both. EyeJoy first opened in 2009 inside the HEB at Red River and 41st Streets, but Park had a vision for a space she could make her own. It took her three years of scouting before she found the perfect property for her business on North Lamar.


The remodeled building reflects Park’s vision for an optometry office and eyewear retail store that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. “I came in on a rainy day to look at the building before we remodeled anything and it looked like it was crying,” Park noted. Glancing around EyeJoy, it might be hard for customers to imagine the humble beginnings of this space that now looks like it stepped out from the pages of a high-end interior design magazine.

EyeJoy’s aesthetic, which Park describes as “fresh, modern but approachable,” is apparent when customers see the unique mural — designed by Park — on the side of EyeJoy. Walk inside and you are greeted by modern furniture and art by K&A, Eames and Sean Patrick Daigle. Austinite Kim Lewis did the interior design. Noted Park, “I didn’t want the typical stark medical decor or your typical high-end department store environment either.”


Park selects all the eyewear brands and frame collections for sale at EyeJoy, including fashion forward eyewear brands like Shamballa and Matsuda. “We have a variety of customers so it’s really important to me that we cater to all types of people.”

Throughout EyeJoy, the “fresh, modern but approachable” look is evident. It gives another, more stylish definition to vision, a somewhat rare sight in optometry shops.

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