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This Valentine’s Day, Thanks to Loot Rentals, Fourteen Couples Will Take the Leap

Loot Rentals Free Love

Lovely Day

It’s supposed to be the most perfect day of your life: the venue, flowers, catering, photographer — every detail down to the salad forks. There aren’t many days that can hold a candle to the sentiment or the price tag. Yes, we’re talking weddings.

Brides (and some grooms) go crazy over finding the perfect linens, mismatched vintage china and table settings. And the bravest among them venture out, tote bag in hand, to curate their own wedding decor of their dreams. loot rentals free love valentines Fast forward months, hours of picking, thousands of dollars, and a few “please take this stuff off of my hands” garage sales later and they might be asking themselves if all that work was really necessary?

So many can relate. Even pro stylists and pickers, Rhoda Brimberry and Anna Crelia, the co-founders of Loot Rentals, have been through this. After all, it’s how their specialty event rental company came to be.

“Anna was getting married and had this really unique idea for how she wanted to decorate her wedding … and she asked all of her family to help collect the items. I took a lot of that on myself because I’ve always loved collecting vintage things,” Anna’s sister-in-law Rhoda told us on a visit to the Loot showroom.

loot rentals free love valentinesAnna’s wedding was over eight years ago, and through that experience the two women found a way to help brides create the vintage, perfectly styled wedding experiences they dreamed of. Today Loot Rentals is a popular specialty rental company in Austin with a deep love for the Austin community. So much love in fact, that Loot has dedicated February 14 to gifting completely free wedding experiences to fourteen lucky couples. Partnering with other Austin “love enthusiasts” on the venue, photography and catering and decor; they’re making some perfect wedding day dreams come true.

loot rentals free love valentines2018 was the first year for the event, and fourteen couples from all walks of life were married or renewed their vows in the Loot showroom in East Austin. Surrounded by family, friends and a romantic setting curated with love, the couples were able to experience something unique – a wedding free of stressful planning.

loot rentals free love valentinesAfter the event, many of the couples sent notes to the organizers with heartfelt thanks, “It was such an exciting, luxurious and romantic experience. We had no idea what to expect. You far exceeded anything we could have expected for a pop-up, 30- minute wedding. Thank you for being number one on our fourteen things of love on the 14th day of February.”

Now for the second year, love is in the air again and Loot is organizing another Free Love event for love birds looking to get hitched on Valentine’s Day.

“This is our favorite event of the year. It gives us a chance to give back all the love that Austin has shared with us through the years,” Rhoda said. “There’s no better way we can think of to kick off our ninth year in business than surrounding the day with love.”

loot rentals free love valentinesA few spots still remain for the pop-up wedding party, so if you’re looking for some free love, Loot’s got ya covered!

Interested couples can contact the Loot team here.