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Love&Cookies Is Spreading Joy and Awareness About Kawasaki Disease

With a new South Lamar bakery opening this week, owner Ashley Cameron is on her way to building a nationwide brand with a big mission

(Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley)

A sweet revolution is underway in Austin. This week, beloved Lakeway bakery Love&Cookies will open its first Austin brick-and-mortar store at 1701 South Lamar. Founded by Ashley Cameron, a former nurse turned baker extraordinaire, Love&Cookies isn’t just about crafting delicious treats; it’s a story of resilience and spreading awareness about Kawasaki Disease.

A passion project for the whole family

The journey of Love&Cookies began with a mother’s love for her son, Charlie, who was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease at a young age. Faced with this challenging diagnosis, Ashley turned to baking her grandmother’s secret cookie recipe with Charlie as a way to bring joy and comfort during tough times. What started as a therapeutic activity soon became a passion project for the entire family.

“I wanted to share our family’s story with the world, spreading awareness about Kawasaki Disease while also spreading joy through our cookies, and so, Love&Cookies was born,” Ashley shares.


(Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley)


(Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley)

Cookies named in honor of loved ones

Every cookie is crafted with care, using premium ingredients sourced meticulously. From pasture-raised eggs to European butter to Guittard chocolate, each component is chosen to ensure the highest quality and taste. The menu at Love&Cookies is a testament to Ashley’s culinary creativity and family heritage. With classic flavors like the Charlie Cash Chocolate Chip and the Whitney Oatmeal Raisin Spice, each cookie is named in honor of a loved one, adding a personal touch to every bite. Seasonal delights like the Audrey Lemon Lavender capture the essence of Texas Hill Country spring, tantalizing taste buds with their unique flavors.

Beyond cookies, Love&Cookies offers an array of delectable treats, including brownies, cinnamon rolls, and signature buttercream-topped Jenny Cakes. These cakes, adorned with personalized designs, have become a favorite for special occasions, embodying the spirit of celebration and togetherness.

Love&Cookies commits to giving back

Ashley’s commitment to giving back is evident in Love&Cookies’ partnership with the Kawasaki Kids Foundation. A portion of proceeds is donated annually, supporting programs like the Backpack Program, which provides aid to families affected by Kawasaki Disease. For Ashley, it’s not just about selling cookies; it’s about making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

As Love&Cookies expands its footprint in Austin with the opening of its South Lamar location, Ashley remains focused on her mission. With indoor seating, a full coffee bar, and Howdy Homemade ice cream, the new bakery promises to be a welcoming space for families to gather and indulge in locally-made delights. A third location will open in Westlake in the coming months. 

Reflecting on her journey, Ashley acknowledges the challenges of balancing business and family life. Yet, with unwavering support from her husband, Cash, and her dedicated administrative and bakery crew, she finds joy in the chaos. “It truly takes a village, plus a never-ending pot of coffee, to keep this cookie empire running while raising our incredible kids,” says Ashley.


Looking ahead, Ashley envisions Love&Cookies becoming a household name—not just in Austin but across the nation. Their frozen gourmet cookie dough is already found in over 250 H-E-B frozen dessert aisles, and they plan to expand into hundreds of more grocery stores nationwide. Ashley is determined to make Love&Cookies America’s favorite cookie, one irresistible bite at a time. Learn more at