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Social Hour: A Fredericksburg Field Trip to The Menagerie

An intimate group of Austinites enjoyed a lavish day out at this exquisite new Hill Country property

Shannon Rogers, Kaleigh Wiese, Sarah Stacey, Sarah Yant, Sarah Capps, Sophia De Pascuale (photo by Villa Visuals)

On November 2nd, an intimate group of Austin trendsetters boarded a small luxury bus for a day trip to the charming town of Fredericksburg for a first look at the Hill Country’s dreamiest new accommodations, The Menagerie. This multi-unit private estate rental boasts gorgeous, exquisitely renovated historic spaces including a 1909 Victorian mansion, barn, and carriage house. We were delighted to join the outing to this incredibly chic property.

The Menagerie in Fredericksburg (photo by Villa Visuals)

Upon stepping off the shuttle, we were welcomed on the beautiful front porch with refreshing cocktails from LALO tequila, mocktails from Frisch Juicerie, as well as Richard’s Rainwater. Inside the historic home, guests marveled at the interior design that was dripping with color and featured elegant wallpapers, rich textures, beautiful antiques mixed with modern touches, and eclectic treasures. We were truly immersed in opulence.


Melanie Demi & Shelby Sorrel (photo by Villa Visuals)


Heidi Okla and Newman Parker (photo by Villa Visuals)


Virginia Cumberbatch (photo by Villa Visuals)


Sarah Zelinsky & Noah Marion (photo by Villa Visuals)


Interior design team: Sarah Capps & Sarah Stacey (photo by Villa Visuals)


Dallas Cawley, Virginia Cumberbatch, and Thurman Thomas (photo by Villa Visuals)


Cynthia Bernard, Dr. Baraah Attal, Kaleigh Wiese (photo by Villa Visuals)


Sound Bath with ATX Yoga Girl (photo by Villa Visuals)


Thurman Thomas & Emily Waldmann Ortiz (photo by Villa Visuals)


Pianist: Dan Redner (photo by Villa Visuals)


Lindsey Sokol & Amele Zerouat Marc (photo by Villa Visuals)


Lara Hallock & Katerina Cotroneo (photo by Villa Visuals)


Vanessa Joy & Jen Birn (photo by Villa Visuals)


Emily Waldmann Ortiz (photo by Villa Visuals)

After enjoying live music from pianist Dan Redner, we gathered for a panel discussion with Sarah Stacey and Sarah Capps, the interior design masterminds at Sarah Stacey Interior Design along with the talented landscape designers, Twistleaf Land Design, including Shannon Rogers, Sophia De Pascuale, Sarah Yant. Both teams provided engaging insights about their inspiration during this renovation project. (Look for a full article about the design in the January issue of Tribeza.)

A chat with the design team at The Menagerie (photo by Villa Visuals)

Following the panel, guests were given tours of all of the rooms of The Menagerie, including bungalows and the carriage house with several fun surprises along the way such as a sound bath meditation with Cynthia Aguillón Bernard (ATX Yoga Girl), ear seeding with Dr. Baraah Attal, chocolate tasting with Hill Country Chocolate, wine tasting by Meierstone Winery, and charcuterie from Oro Bianco Creamery. All enjoyed a special gift from Slow North Apothecary and custom tote bags from Nueva Vibe. To make the event even more exciting, we were treated to aura photography sessions provided by MOOD.

The day led into evening where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by Dine in Dude. We listened to tunes from DJ Clemente Castillo while engaging in lively conversation. With credit to Kaleigh Wiese of Méldeen for creating this delightful experience, the day was full of joyful moments, and new friendships were formed in The Menagerie’s grand yet whimsical setting.

Learn more about The Menagerie at and follow on Instagram.