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“Party Amongst Friends” Was a Day to Remember and We Have the Photos to Prove It

A Party Amongst Friends

Photo Play

Erin Thornton and Andra Liemandt’s “Party Amongst Friends” was a day to remember and we have the photos to prove it.

Makeup by Stacey May and Jessi Pagel
Hair by Vanessa Gray and Marian Little

On March 9 designer Erin Thornton and musician and philanthropist Andra Liemandt hosted a “Party Amongst Friends” to celebrate the release of “My Tribe,” a new music video from local band The Mrs (Liemandt is the group’s drummer). The event included a living photo shoot, conceived by Thornton and curated by Tribeza. Guests were invited to join the stage of “Tribe,” a play by Zero Eight that brought the seven forces of nature to life. Perception, vitality, integrity, intensity, meaning, volition and stamina … what will it be?

Partygoers managed to both blend in and stand out among the “Seven Forces of Nature.” Head dresses, taxidermy and a pop of pink provided the perfect foil to the lush setting.
Members of The Mrs band (Jenny Mason, Mandy Prater, Andra Liemandt and Larissa Ness) in a moment of shady repose.
Thornton worked alongside a hair and makeup team to create characters of transformation. LEFT: A detail shot of “Vitality’s” Gucci gloves. RIGHT: “Integrity,” whose Halston dress, vintage cobra necklace and purple hair created an ethereal impression.
“Perception,” “Stamina,”Vitality” and “Intensity,” flanked by Terence Douglas, Lawrence Nourzad and Kelly Green.
“Meaning,” in all of her rose colored splendor.
Guests were able to try on items from Thornton’s personal collection like these head dresses and vintage umbrellas.
LEFT: “Perception’s” crown was made by floral artist, Antonio Beard. RIGHT: Erin Thornton, Kelly Green, Donna Tryba and Andra Liemandt, surrounding John Thornton.
Director “Zero Eight,” (shown at far right) was bedecked in a Tom Ford for Gucci blazer and Hermes scarf.
A member from The Elegant Kid waitstaff gamely got in on the action.