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Pro BMX Rider Aaron Ross Brings Creative Flair to the Family Business

From real estate projects to raising their daughter, Aaron and his wife Bethany make sure to do it in style

Professional BMX rider Aaron Ross and his family epitomize Austin’s funky yet elevated style. You’ll usually find Aaron in fitted pants and simple t-shirts paired with bold accessories — something that looks put together but is still comfortable for the bike. His wife Bethany rocks classic neutrals, and their two-year-old daughter, Honey James, has an ever-evolving style that changes by the day.

One thing remains constant: after seven years of marriage, Aaron is still enamored with Bethany. And Honey has only enhanced their overall style and life.

“The girls and I are doing really big projects,” says Aaron. “Honey’s work ethic, a product of her mom, is impressive. And she also loves to ride bikes. We have a cool little crew, and I’m very proud of my family.”

Aaron’s adoration for his girls was apparent when the three of them showed up for the photo shoot together. They were cohesive and calm, despite all the bikes and toddler with them that together must’ve taken hours to get out the door. It was clear that Aaron and Bethany share a mutual love, not only for each other and their daughter, but also for style. In fact, Aaron’s bold style was something that Bethany found attractive early on in their relationship.

“Aaron was brave enough to execute his style no matter what the circumstance was,” says Bethany. “He would wear bright colors and obnoxious sunglasses, and put crazy designs on his BMX bikes (when everyone else would stick to black).”

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To this day, Aaron will show up to a formal event in sneakers, a nice shirt and a bright floral bow tie instead of a suit and tie like everyone else. Bethany appreciates his adventurous sense of style, a reflection of the excitement he brought into her life and now continues to instill in that of their family.

“I love clean lines and simplicity,” Bethany says of her personal style. “That flows from my fashion choices to my creative outlets including interior design and renovation projects with Aaron, and lifestyle photography. I tend to stick to timeless pieces with monochromatic color schemes. Luckily Aaron introduced a few splashes of color to my wardrobe (and life) to mix things up.”

Bethany’s day job is primarily residential land development, whereas Aaron spends his time riding BMX and creating content for like-minded companies, including the one he co-owns called Burn Slow. While it started as a way for a few BMX friends to stay in touch and keep working together, Burn Slow now carries a variety of clothing styles that appeal to a variety of ages and genders. Because all the owners are best friends, choosing the designs and new product lines is fun and collaborative.

“Growing up, a ‘job’ in my mind was Monday through Friday, always leaving the house early and then not returning home from work until late,” says Bethany. “Aaron had a job where you do what you love and he stuck to his style and made it work. And I like that he defined work and introduced a new style of making a living to me. I always love a new adventure and he’s always looking for the next adventure.”

Likely a product of their differing careers, Bethany is more organized while Aaron is super handy. This has come together in shared projects with a collective vision but split responsibilities. Bethany handles the spreadsheets and planning whereas Aaron handles the drills and execution. This has synergized into some incredible projects, the latest of which being a complete renovation of historic houses in Fredericksburg that are now available for short-term stays. A lot of work went into what is now called Sunday Haus Fredericksburg, and they did it as a family — even Honey James, who happily filled buckets and poured concrete for hours on end.

Bold designs from Ross’ clothing and lifestyle brand, Burn Slow.

“In each of our respective professions, there is an element of creativity and style that is required,” says Bethany. “We’ve found a way to channel both professions and work together on some side projects of short-term rental and long-term rentals. I put the pieces together for the overall design and he, just like my wardrobe, helps add some character to it and a little bit of pop here and there.”

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While they both often rock neutrals, Aaron does appreciate bold accessories. His biggest and boldest accessory has often been his bike, which he has helped design in the past, and he also incorporates colorful shoes or glasses.

“I have always expressed myself through riding,” Aaron says. “And then off the bike I’m inspired by pops of color found in 80s and 90s retro style, NASCAR and old surfing stuff.”

Their daughter has added a whole dynamic. Honey James is clearly a product of her parents, with undeniable style and confidence even at age two. A natural model, her parents admitted that they got her excited for the photo shoot by showing her Harry Styles videos, which she loves to watch and imitate.

Bethany, who has dressed in what she deems as “sensible mom style” since middle school, loves dressing vicariously through her daughter. And Honey is starting to pick out some of her own outfits.

“It’s been fun to see the direction she takes and how one wardrobe in my eyes can be completely transformed through a toddler to reflect her creativity and personality,” says Bethany.

It’s clear how style permeates every aspect of the Ross family’s life — they value how they show up in the world, resulting in an inspiring expression. Their style goes well beyond the tangibles into their careers and everyday lives. Aaron and Bethany have merged their strengths and values together throughout the years, culminating in joint creative endeavors, the most epic being Honey.

They are constantly seeking adventure and building community, with Honey and bikes in tow. Their sense of style is impressive — but their lifestyle is what’s truly inspiring.

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