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Métier Cook’s Supply: An Enticing Shop Devoted To Delicious Endeavors

Métier Cook’s Supply – TRIBEZA

Two chefs create an enticing shop devoted to delicious endeavors.

Métier Cook’s Supply - TRIBEZA Métier Cook’s Supply - TRIBEZA Métier Cook’s Supply - TRIBEZA

Every great city needs a place where passionate cooks can indulge in the tools of (and plenty of inspiration for) their trade. The just-opened Métier Cook’s Supply will offer just that—a wide range of covetable goods for the kitchen. From cookbooks to cutlery, the shop will have you drooling over the selection from the moment you step inside. The owners Todd Duplechan of Texas and Jessica Maher of Nevada, are also the owners (and chef and pastry chef, respectively) of the popular restaurant Lenoir, describe the idea for the shop as a “perfect storm” that they dreamed up. “Todd and I were wishing there was a store in Austin that had all the things from stores in NYC that we loved so much, and then we actually had the opportunity to make that store happen ourselves,” Jessica Maher says. “We’ve never worked in retail, and we’re excited to bring something different to the market that Austin has never seen before.”

Métier (the name means “profession” or “trade”) is right next door to Lenoir. The shop is sure to be a haven for chefs and food enthusiasts alike, housing anything and everything to make a kitchen complete. Maher is especially excited about the shop’s knife collection. “For chefs, knives are like having shoes for different outfits,” Maher says. “You get to try them all on and see what goes with what you like the best.” Métier Cook’s Supply will help buyers find the perfect blade for what they need and will offer classes and tutorials to sharpen up Austin’s knife knowledge. Maher says that she and her husband “were careful to pick out things that we would want, while insisting that everything in the shop was beautiful and practical so people would not have to play the waiting game of ordering something offline.”

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