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The Criquet Clubhouse: Elevating Casual Style On The Golf Course And Beyond

The Criquet Clubhouse – TRIBEZA

Green sleeves: two childhood friends elevate casual style on the golf course and beyond

The Criquet Clubhouse - TRIBEZA The Criquet Clubhouse - TRIBEZA The Criquet Clubhouse - TRIBEZA The Criquet Clubhouse - TRIBEZA

Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown know a thing or two about casual collared shirts. From boarding school in Connecticut to the workplace in California, the childhood friends were reared in colored polo shirts. So ultimately they decided to devote themselves to perfecting their wardrobe mainstay, an endeavor that led them to start Criquet Shirts in 2010. In April of this year, they opened the Criquet Clubhouse on South First, a store that cleverly doubles as a retreat for golf lovers as well as aficionados of casual style. The Clubhouse is not only a showroom for the vintage-style shirts that Nachman and Brown have designed and customized, but the repurposed house also features a patio out back where customers can practice their swing and enjoy a beer from Hops & Grain. “We wanted to bring our brand to life and give our customers a place to experience Criquet Shirts in person,” Brown says.

Each shirt at the Criquet Clubhouse is made from 100 percent organic cotton and includes removable collar stays to maintain a crisp look. “We really just try to think of what we would like to wear and what we think looks good,” Nachman says. “We’re definitely rooted in classic design, but like to give everything our own touch.” Brown adds, “We’re also focused on versatility. We wanted a shirt for the 19th hole, one that can go anywhere and look great.” Another clever flourish: The outside of the Clubhouse features a custom mural of Bill Murray that can be spotted from the street. Plans for expansion promise to extend the brand beyond the Texas summer. “We’re hoping to have sweaters, wool shirts, and other things for the cooler weather this fall,” Nachman says. Until then, the Criquet Clubhouse is sure to become a staple for enthusiasts of the timeless summer trilogy of golf, beer, and colorful cotton shirts.

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