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Mynte Keeps It Fresh With A Mix Of Local And Independent Designers


With a mix of local and independent designers, a new fashion concept is keeping it fresh at its stylish West Austin location.


According to Angela Hampton and Jordan Elkins, every accessory and piece of clothing has a story worth telling. At least, that’s the case in downtown Austin’s West End boutique Mynte, which opened in April.

Mynte emphasizes buying from local designers, and housing “labels you won’t find other places in Austin,” says Elkins, Mynte’s main buyer. And so far, the shop is finding a receptive audience, especially with its unusual jewelry from the New York-based Lionette, a line Elkins is particularly excited about. Inside the bright and airy boutique, anchored by a hot pink sofa and luxurious armchairs, Mynte is spunky and playful; in Elkins’ words, “feminine with an edge.” Inspired by the near vicinity of several interior design stores, such as West Elm and Jonathan Adler, Hampton and Elkins also intend to use the space to showcase more interior design pieces. The boutique is large enough for events, and so far has played host to an art show for painter Drew Nussbaum.


The biggest challenge, Elkins explains, is hitting the sweet spot between upscale clothing and deliberately-casual Austinites. “There isn’t a typical demographic at all.” she says. Fortunately, it’s just that sort of uniqueness—introducing locals to new designers and sharing their significance—that Mynte is excited to bring to Austin; their own story is just getting started.