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Style Pick: An Inspired Place To Sweat

Pure Austin 410 Speed Shop, Style in Austin

Pure Austin 410 Speed Shop – TRIBEZA

A hip new downtown training facility is an inspired place to sweat.

Pure Austin 410 Speed Shop - TRIBEZA Pure Austin 410 Speed Shop - TRIBEZA Pure Austin 410 Speed Shop - TRIBEZA

Rough and tough: these are the two qualities that most inspired principal architects Jean-Pierre Trou and Aaron Vollmer while designing Pure Austin’s latest fitness hot spot, 410 Speed Shop. The gym is a former car repair shop turned premier training facility, but it’s stayed true to its roots with the help of Trou and Vollmer, who vowed to honor the iconic history of the space throughout the design process.

“We wanted to create a statement, something iconic that resembled both the history of the space as well as the core values of both brands, Pure Austin & Rogue Running,” Trou says.

The spacious building is situated adjacent to railroad tracks, and that theme is carried over to the interior as well, where Trou and Vollmer have created “containers”: large reclaimed shipping pallets that give the space more division and character (one of them holds Rogue’s vast array of candy-colored sneakers and other gear) and embody the themes of movement and strength that are so important to both brands.

“The space had a lot of character already. The warehouse look fit perfectly with their brands. We just needed an element that could tie everything together,” Trou says. “The containers help in the organization of the program elements, defining retail areas and training areas, as well as creating communal spaces, such as the juice bar.”

410 Speed Shop has one goal in mind: to foster a sense of community amongst both athletes and nonathletes that moves people to be inspired about life and fitness.

“When you walk inside 410 Speed Shop, you should feel like you want to work out; you should feel like you can’t wait to wear your running shoes and go for a run,” Trou says. “We want you to get pumped, inspired, and to come back with a friend. So it becomes a destination.”

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