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Take a Trip to Sundance Hill Farm to Meet the Adorable Alpacas of Dripping Springs

Learn how Aubrey and Dylan Williamson transformed their Hill Country home into an alpaca farm just outside of Austin

Aubrey and Dylan Williamson (photo by Naomi Phelps of Sweet Memories Photography)

In the tranquil landscapes of Dripping Springs, Sundance Hill Farm emerges as a new haven for alpacas and animal enthusiasts. Aubrey and Dylan Williamson took ownership of this idyllic farm a year ago, dedicating their efforts to transforming the space into a dream home for their family, which now includes chickens, dogs, a barn cat, and a thriving community of alpacas where visitors can now take tours.

“At first, it was a pipe dream surrounding the idea of cute fluffy animals, but after I began to read more and more about them, the history of alpacas, their fiber, their care, the benefits of being around them, I was hooked and then somehow convinced my husband!” said Aubrey.

Venturing beyond traditional farming, the couple recently began hosting scheduled events, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the charm of alpacas. Despite Aubrey’s relatively recent transition to farm life, her profound knowledge and passion for animals are evident. Visitors to the farm depart well-informed about alpaca history, care practices, and unique behavioral traits.

Sundance Hill Farm (photo by Cassie Butterfield)

Sustainability, Charm, and Educational Fun at Sundance Hill Farm

Alpacas, renowned for their gentle nature and soft fur, prove delightful and therapeutic companions. Unlike llamas, they don’t spit at humans and thoroughly enjoy human interaction. 

Aubrey also attests to the sustainability benefits of owning alpacas stating, “Their hooves are soft padded, which reduces soil compression and damage, and they only eat what they need and consume about 1/3 of the amount of food per day that sheep do – and don’t pull up the roots, which allows for easy regrowth! Their manure is even considered some of the best fertilizer out there while producing exceptional fiber that is often considered higher quality than even cashmere–without the lanolin and itch.”

Beyond educational experiences, Sundance Hill Farm offers private parties and weddings, where alpacas make charming greeters adorned with floral necklaces during cocktail hours. Events can be booked at the farm, or Aubrey can bring alpacas to offsite events, too. Tours are available to book by appointment year-round.

Aubrey envisions expanding and enhancing the property, creating more pastures for an envisioned alpaca sanctuary. She wishes to share the joy and affection she finds in alpacas with fellow Texans. Ideal for Hill Country wine tours, bridal parties, birthdays, and day outings, Sundance Hill Farm is a unique destination and makes for a fun afternoon for all ages. 

Sundace Hills Farm (photo by Aubrey Williamson)

Sundace Hills Farm (photo by Aubrey Williamson)

Photo by Aubrey Williamson

Sundance Hill Farm (photo by Aubrey Williamson)

Williamson Family-Sundance Hill Farm Photo by Naomi Phelps of Sweet Memories Photography

Williamson Family at Sundance Hill Farm (photo by Naomi Phelps of Sweet Memories Photography)

Alpacas (Photo by Naomi Phelps of Sweet Memories Photography)jpg

Sundance Hill Farm (photo by Naomi Phelps of Sweet Memories Photography)

Dreams for the future of the farm

“I absolutely love watching the joy our alpacas bring to people. Awareness of our little farm is growing and I hope to soon become a “must do” when people plan their trip to Dripping Springs,” said Aubrey.

In the long term, she envisions having a farm shop, a wine-tasting room, putting on fall festivals, and introducing activities such as alpaca walks and alpaca yoga. 

“When I reflect on this past year and our launch – I’m proud of how far we’ve come. We are still so far from what my vision for our farm and operation looks like… But when I step back, I am truly living my dream life.  It’s a lot of work, but the process is so rewarding,” said Aubrey.

Aubrey operates an online store offering various products, including alpaca manure, dryer balls crafted from alpaca fur, and alpaca soap. To learn more about Sundance Hill Farm, visit their website and follow on Instagram