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Tribeza Outdoors Issue Summer 2021

Dive into our Outdoors Issue this July and August to uncover adventures in Austin and beyond

I can hardly believe it: Looking around our city, signs of revival are everywhere. There’s nothing like being back in the lobby bar at the South Congress Hotel, Negroni in hand, chatting with friends again. I practically squealed with glee when cozying up in the bright blue benches of Dai Due for brunch, indoors at last after all those months on the (albeit gorgeous) patio. Just the other week, I swear a single tear of joy slipped into my cappuccino while I admired the exposed brick interiors of Texas French Bread. I may or may not be hyperbolizing, but suddenly seeing the inside of restaurants and libraries and museums again is doing my heart more good than I can say. And now that another scorching Texas summer is in full swing, these places are becoming a welcome respite from the heat.

Quite a bit of this summer issue focuses on the great outdoors. Writing about three new parks opening or reopening this year, Kahron Spearman covers how Austin is investing in its green spaces for years to come. Meanwhile, Laurel Miller features a new farm dinner series out in Bastrop, hosted by Sonya Coté at the recently transplanted Eden East. Whether your outdoor exploring takes you to Lake Austin or as far as Port Aransas, the Tribeza team has you covered with podcasts, products and songs for the road.

Hannah J. Phillips on a recent trip to Port Aransas.

Usually, I like to pack up my car for a road trip out West this time of year. But putting together our new curated guide to the best summer activities in and around Austin, I remembered how many unique adventures are right here in Central Texas. From the best local spas, hikes and rooftop bars to the best day trips and bakery detours, there’s something for everyone in those 16 pages.

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as we had putting it all together. It was a joy to fill our pages with the excitement I think everyone is feeling right now as we return to some degree of “normal.” I for one can’t wait to find my seat at the Paramount Summer Classic Film Series, or stand next to sweaty strangers at a concert again (perhaps Angélica Rahe’s return to the Mohawk on July 16). Will I see you there?

Thank you as always for reading Tribeza! Now get out there and explore.