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Brittney Williams Takes Her Eye For Style To The Round Top Antiques Fair

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

TWENTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD Brittney Williams loves Austin, the place where she was born and raised. But to meet the McGuire Moorman Hospitality designer, who is responsible for sourcing and purchasing all of the lighting, fixtures, furniture, and equipment for the brand’s restaurants, one immediately recognizes an eclectic and elevated style that seems to stretch beyond our local borders.

With a keen eye for detail honed by her time working with the New York-based furniture brand BDDW, Williams lists her urban planner mother and Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena as key influences, while also quickly adding that travel is hugely important to her creative drive. “Anytime I travel outside of the country, I find my creativity to be reignited,” she says. “The world is so expansive, and it’s humbling to be reminded of how small, in the grand scheme of things, I really am.”

On any given day Williams can be found “scouring the internet for lighting fixtures or the perfect fabric” for the recently opened Pool Burger or the soon-to-open Clark’s Aspen, and she is always coordinating with the larger team to make sure everything found is inline with the vision of the project. Williams’ eye for style serves her well at MMH, known for its meticulous attention to detail.

Since Williams is always on the hunt for the right midcentury light fixture, perfectly lived-in chair, or just-so rug, we couldn’t resist following along as she spent a day at the Round Top Antiques Fair. This twice-yearly extravaganza, spanning miles, brings together the kind of wide-ranging mix that necessitates a perceptive shopper. Williams was up for the challenge, pointing out pieces that would work perfectly in upcoming projects and an item or two she planned to haul back to Austin for her own home.“THIS VELVET CHAISE is what I’d call a ‘buildable’ piece, perfect for a living room or a waiting area. Other furniture that shares the space with this beauty would need to complement, not take away from. The fabric is luxe enough that a paired-down piece of furniture would highlight its boldness.”brittney williams austin mmh mcguire moorman

“MODERN MIDCENTURY BRASS FIXTURES add just the right amount of sophistication while not overwhelming the space. This piece would be great in Clark’s.”

“WOVEN BASKETS are great for hiding the everyday junk that isn’t aesthetically pleasing — for me it’s a blessing if they’re vintage. I have them all around my house! We hide our mail, internet router, and other things that are best kept out of sight.”

Williams spotted the mudcloth pillow and woven basket at the Knock on Wood Antiques booth and the Turkish rug at German Favorite Antiques. Both vendors were set up within Roundtop’s Excess tents.

brittney williams austin mmh mcguire moorman

The McGuire Moorman Hospitality designer is responsible for sourcing and purchasing all of the beautiful interiors for the brand’s restaurants.

brittney williams austin mmh mcguire moorman

“I love mixing modern traditional furniture with patterned textiles. Both the MALI MUDCLOTH PILLOW and the TURKISH RUG would be just the right amount of pattern for any project.”

“These BØRGE MOGENSEN-INSPIRED CHAIRS add the traditional modern feel I lean most towards. I’ve yet to come across one Danish furniture designer I don’t like. The Danish knock it out of the park every time!”