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Austin Fashion Guide: TRIBEZA Talk

Armadillo Boot – TRIBEZA

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At the intersection of form and fantasy sits one of Alexander McQueen’s rare creations — the Armadillo Boot. Named after the emblematic Texas mammal, McQueen’s shoe is a far cry from any traditional Texas boot. At 11.8 inches high, the claw-like structure presents the wearer as a ballerina en pointe. (It was most notably worn by Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” video.) While only 21 pairs were originally made, three more were specially created and sold at auction this July, with the proceeds going to Unicef.



On any given Friday or Saturday night, finding an open parking spot downtown can be more than a challenge. Looking to ease the difficulty of finding a parking space, San Francisco-based Luxe has rolled out its service for Austin.

Currently available for downtown and Rainey Street, the Luxe app sends a Luxe valet directly to you and then parks your car in a nearby garage or parking lot. When the trip is complete, cars are returned at the owner’s request in 15 minutes, and overnight parking is available for a fee. If you want a bit more service, the app can also get your car washed, vacuumed and refueled.



“I’ve always loved art and fashion. When I was little, I would make little pencil bags for my friends out of scrap fabric that I found around my home,” designer Monxi Garza says. After studying fashion in Monterre
y, Mexico and Madrid, Spain, Garza came to Austin with the idea to launch SUAVS, a breathable shoe geared toward a walking lifestyle that takes the wearer from gym to work to a night out. Currently available in four color options, Garza designed the shoe to slip easily on and off with an Air Mesh exterior that allows for ventilation. “I feel like SUAVS and Austin are a great match because it’s a stylish shoe and it’s modern and minimalist, but at the same time it’s really comfortable to wear,” says Garza.


 The Distillery - TRIBEZA     The Distillery - TRIBEZA

“Our mom has always sold antiques, so we kind of grew up doing flea markets and estate sales all the time with her,” Catelyn Silapachai says. Traveling with their mother to Europe to source antiques, Silapachai and her brother Clif Claycomb groomed an interest in finding unique and one-of-a-kind goods. After spending some time living in Madrid, Silapachai and Claycomb each moved to Austin and together developed The Distillery, an online shop for vintage and handmade jewelry, accessories, and home goods.

“Austin’s the most open to vintage city that I’ve ever lived in or visited,” Silapachai says. “People are definitely rewarded for having interesting vintage pieces here.” The current trend includes modernist, mid-century gold and brass jewelry, some of which will be on display at Black Lagoon Gallery on September 10 during The Distillery’s Fine Goods pop-up shop.

Armadillo Boot Photo Courtesy of Christie’s | Luxe photo courtesy of Luxe | Suavs photo courtesy of Suavs | Distilled Vintage photography by Chelsea Laine Francis.