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Find Beauty in Imperfection with Camille Styes’ Favorite Home Goods

Embrace wabi-sabi and transform your space with these 13 local finds


Camille Styles is editor-in-chief of, a daily digital lifestyle publication that inspires millions of readers to create their most beautiful lives at home. She’s also founder of Casa Zuma, a home goods brand that designs and sources handmade objects from artisans around the globe. For Tribeza’s style issue, we tapped the tastemaker to share the pieces that are sparking joy for her this month. Inspired by her upcoming trip to Japan, she’s feeling drawn to all things wabi-sabi — a Japanese aesthetic that embraces the beauty found in imperfect, handmade objects, and the transience of the natural world.

Camille Styles Favorite Goods for Wabi-Sabi

Original Painting by Aileen Fitzgerald

Bring nature into your living space with an original work by local painter Aileen Fitzgerald. About her landscapes, Fitzgerald says, “The energy and connection that lies within the natural world has much to teach us about ourselves, and about one another.” Each brushstroke carries a story, making this painting a work of art that speaks to your soul. (prices vary)

Siply Tea

Super Green Organic Genmaicha and Matcha Tea

Sip your way to tranquility with this Super Green tea blend, made of green tea, matcha and roasted rice. Super Green is rich in healing compounds, like polyphenols and catechins, from the combination of steamed green tea leaves and matcha. It’s a cup of mindfulness wrapped in a warm embrace of Japanese tradition. ($24)

Vessel Gratitude Journal

Vessel: A Guided Gratitude Journal to Fill Your Own Cup

A beautiful journal for a weekly check-in with yourself, Vessel invites you to see your life holistically; to consider which areas have abundance running through, and which are offering spaciousness. This approach helps to cultivate authentic feelings of gratitude, shifting perspective on how fully supported you are in this moment. ($24)

Clay Imports Tile

Xóchitl Michelada Tile

Inspired by the artisan traditions of Oaxaca, this handcrafted clay tile from Clay Imports embraces the beauty of imperfection. The artist, who is fascinated with the unique fauna in Oaxaca, chose the name Xóchitl (translated as “flower”) to honor the diverse and colorful fauna of Oaxaca. ($19.12/sq.ft.)


Noah Marion Ramsey Bag

This gorgeous leather bucket bag is handmade to order in Austin — elevating an everyday essential through thoughtful craftsmanship. Noah Marion’s bags use untreated, undyed natural vegetable tanned leather that’s intended to become better with age. Embrace the water spots and wear marks that darken the leather over time, giving it a patina that reflects both the maker and the person who uses it. ($703)

Casa Zuma Sharing Bowl

Casa Zuma Sharing Bowl

Hand-thrown from high-temperature glazed stoneware, this bowl from Casa Zuma’s collection of tabletop goods embraces my favorite tradition of gathering around the table to share simple, seasonal food. Embrace the wabi-sabi aesthetic as you fill it with roasted veggies or nourishing grains, enjoying the uniqueness of each one-of-a-kind piece. ($86)

Slow North Forest Bathing

Slow North Forest Bathing Candle

Calm your nerves and clear your mind. This custom blend of fir, pine, and patchouli essential oils is designed to evoke the meditative experience of forest bathing, a Japanese wellness practice. The scent is calming and grounding, with bright notes of citrus and a woody, resinous undertone. ($36)

Pothos n joy plant-frond

Pothos “NJoy” Plant

A tenant of wabi-sabi aesthetics is the appreciation of both natural objects and the forces of nature. Bring it into your space with a Pothos plant. This lush green beauty has unique variegated leaves and brings a sense of tranquility to any space. Fast-growing in bright-indirect light, it’s perfect for beginners and experts alike. (starts at $13)

Hirotaka Ear Cuff – Kickpleat_

Bird of Paradise Ear Cuff

Channel minimalist beauty with this gorgeous black sapphire and yellow gold Hirotaka Bird of Paradise Ear Cuff. Handmade in Japan, it’s a wearable work of art and a beautiful ode to Japanese aesthetics. ($625)

Camille Styles Favorite Goods for Wabi-Sabi

Donabe Cookbook

Embark on a culinary journey with this introduction to the soulful art of Donabe (Japanese clay pot) cooking. Gorgeously photographed, Donabe highlights authentic Japanese donabe cooking, with beloved recipes and updated classics that showcase the beauty and versatility of these traditional kitchen tools. ($35)

Mud Studio

Mud Studio Pottery Class

Unleash your creativity and get into your flow state at a pottery class at beloved local spot Mud Studio. Learn the art of shaping clay and crafting handmade objects that are truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll find beauty in imperfections as you learn to create unique pottery pieces that speak to your soul. (6 week class, $395)

Wonder Valley Hinoki Body Oil

Wonder Valley Hinoki Body Oil

With an intoxicating scent of rare Siberian fir and Japanese hinoki, this luxurious skin-softening body oil imparts a radiance and penetrates deep to hydrate, promote elasticity and fortify the integrity of the skin’s natural barrier. It’s one of my favorite ways to practice the art of self-care and simplicity, leaving skin with a natural glow. ($85)

Fronks Cocoa

Fronks Organic Nut Milk in Cocoa

Savor the lightly sweet and chocolatey goodness of Fronks Organic Nut Milk in Cocoa, handmade with love in Austin with wholesome, all-natural ingredients. The perfect treat with added hazelnuts, a few extra dates and cocoa powder — it’s a nourishing treat that always reminds me to stop and savor. ($13.99)

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