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Tribeza Talk: Style Experts on Spring Trends

Masha Poloskova and Noah Marion share their fashion forecast for Austin

Masha Poloskova

With 15 years of retail experience in the industry, it’s no surprise that Masha Poloskova has become a local style expert and an influential voice in the ever-growing world of sustainable fashion in Austin. As founder and owner of the high-end MOSS Designer Consignment shop, and a vintage store named Garment, the fashion entrepreneur notes that Austin has become a global community and creative hub when it comes to personal style. —Vanessa Blankenship


Marni Karate Trouser

Kick Pleat ▶

“I don’t shop a whole lot, but when I do, it’s usually at Kick Pleat. Wendi always stocks a great mix of luxe basics with some fun statement items. It’s a one-stop shop.”

Caitlin Mociun

“Caitlin Mociun is a jewelry designer in NYC. Her boutique in Brooklyn is quite literally my happy place. She has such a unique voice, and I love her designs.”

Carlisle Top in White Silk Organza

Miranda Bennett Studio ◀

“While Take Heart is my go-to for gifts of all kinds, Miranda Bennett is next door, and her boutique is just such a pleasure to shop. Everything is handmade in Austin, and the cuts are flattering on everyone.”


Vada Sunglasses & Jewelry ▼

“Vada by Katie Caplener can really do no wrong. Her jewelry is drop-dead gorgeous, and her newest line of sunglasses are like jewelry for your eyes.”

Bottega Veneta Slides ▲

“Bottega Veneta is definitely having a moment right now, and I love their simple woven flat slides. Comfortable and easy don’t always mean chic, but these really check all the boxes!”

Loewe Puzzle Bags ▲

“The micro-versions in poppy colors are so fun. I recently purchased a medium size in black, and it will be my go-to bag every day this year.”


GUCCI Multicolor Striped Sweater at MOSS.

Statement Sleeves ▶

“If you tend to gravitate towards black and neutrals like I do, a good way to still have fun with dressing is a voluminous sleeve.”

Color & Print ▶

“A feeling of optimism is slowly starting to emerge, and our collective style will reflect that. Wearing color and vibrant prints are an easy way to express this optimism to the world.”

Suiting & Oversize Pants ▼

“Suits are making a comeback! Casual suiting in fun colors are some of my bestsellers right now. I also love the new silhouettes with pants. An oversized trouser is comfortable and easy to pair with a simple tee.”

Rosetta Getty Leopard Peak Lapel Jacket & Pants, Kick Pleat.
Hache Pant Skirt, Kick Pleat.
Bidong Linen Pants, Kick Pleat.

Noah Marion

For Noah Marion, inspiration largely comes from a bygone era, one he refers to as “my grandpa’s time.” The designer’s love of all things vintage, heirloom and nostalgic is evident in his untreated leather goods, retro beaver hats and new apothecary line. Since establishing his namesake brand in 2006, Marion has expanded from a storefront/studio on South Lamar to a shop in the heart of the South Congress shopping district. The serene, minimalist space, which opened in late February, also carries exquisite offerings, from painted desert landscapes to gossamer vintage dresses. —Laurel Miller


Tudor Prince Oysterdate Watch

ByGeorge ◀

“I just love the personal connection the employees at ByGeorge offer when you go in and peruse, as well as their really awesome collection of vintage watches and stocking of high-quality, hard-to-find items.”

Service Menswear

“Service Menswear is great, everyday casuals. They’re one of the last truly local men’s brands left in Austin.”

Aimé Leon Dore

“Aimé Leon Dore is setting the pace for reactive male fashion and brands in the country, and I look forward to having other brands follow suit.”


Noah Marion Hats ▼

“I love Noah Marion hats because they’re redesigned classics from the ground up, with the modern wearer in mind. Every hat is made from scratch here in Austin. They’re also the ultimate sustainable piece of any wardrobe because they can be reshaped endlessly throughout their life.”

For Francis Vintage Sweatshirts

“The most exciting thing to come out of this past year are perfectly worn vintage sweatshirts from our in-house collaboration, For Francis, available at the South Congress Noah Marion store.”

Esby Linen ▲

“Esby and linen just go hand in hand for me. The pants are timeless and classic. Investing in a quality piece of linen can last you decades and never go out of style, no matter how you pair it up or down!”


Esby Short Sleeve Lifetime Crew

Eco-Friendly Material ▶

“I’m very excited about how thoughtfully some designers are looking at the past to revive products in a respectful way—it gives me hope there will be a decrease in the throwaway culture we’ve become accustomed to. I’m hoping to see more natural linen and other natural fibers and plant-dyed clothing like Miranda Bennett or Esby.”

Budding Brands Return

“I’m expecting some budding brands to rise from the proverbial ashes. There’s a big hole left in my heart from all of the great shops that moved on to other things in the wake of coronavirus.”

Elevated Leisurewear ▼

“After such a turbulent and often isolating year filled with sweatpants and staying home, I predict either a super push for elevated leisurewear or a complete turnaround, where everyone is really buttoning it up, bringing their best and showing off all that pent-up sartorial angst.”

Charcoal Sweat Pants, ByGeorge.
Desa Volker Jacket, ByGeorge.
Navy Cropped Pleated Pants, ByGeorge.