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Texas Standard Clothing Line Is Made in Texas

Known as the outfitters of the Texas gentlemen, Texas Standard is a new premium clothing brand

Fifth-generation Texan Drew Bagot and his wife Christine wanted to create a brand that exemplifies what it means to be a Texas gentleman.

Its clothes made with exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials, their Austin-based startup Texas Standard embodies the unique Texas style and the Lone Star State’s legacy.

“Texas is neither Southern nor Western, Texas is Texas.” That line, famously attributed to former Texas Senator William Blakley, resonated so deeply with the Bagots that they put it on their Heritage Printed Tee.

“That is really the ethos of why they started the brand in the first place,” says Byron Bradshaw, Vice President of Texas Standard. “Something that speaks to the Texas guy that just wasn’t being represented in some of the other brands in the market.”

Symbolic of authenticity and individuality, Texas Standard named all of their sports shirts and flannels after Texas counties. The brand stresses the importance of manufacturing locally, so all of their flannels, check shirts, modern western shirts and denim are made in El Paso.“Very little clothing is made in the United States, and we’re really excited that we can offer things that are made locally and help employ other Texans,” says Bradshaw.

With a single strand of barbed wire as Texas Standard’s logo, the symbol signifies the state’s independent spirit and ranching history.

“Some people could look at it as a dividing sort of thing,” says Bradshaw. “But we really see a fence line is where neighbors come to unite.”

Texas Standard is filled with wardrobe essentials for the Texas gentleman, including guayaberas, polos and demin, as well as a collection of accessories that includes wallets, bandanas, bags and a leather key fob. Their high-end take on the classic western shirt is a modern version with a pointed, subtle yet stylized yoke extending over the shoulders’ front and back. The look is quite versatile – capable of being dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with a pair of jeans and your favorite pair of boots.

Texas Standard also sells a modern take of the Ranger belt, a nod to the Texas Rangers who invented a special clasp system to hold a heavy revolver.

“We want to be the go-to source for guys who want to dress well,” says Bradshaw, “and who want to represent their home state in an appropriate fashion.”

For the holidays, Texas Standard will have 12 days of deals 12 days before Christmas that contain special discounts and gifts. For more information, visit the official website or browse Texas Standard’s showroom located at 4401 Guadalupe, Suite 1.