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Three Changemakers on Forging Their Own Path and the One Item They Hold Most Dear

Personal Best

Personal Best

Beth Hitchcock

Model, stylist, body activist and co-founder of Living Above the Rules

“I definitely hit my breaking point. I was exhausted from the hate I was giving myself. I’ll never be a size 2. I’m a size 14. I feel like your image of yourself controls everything, and when you can write that story in a positive way, it opens a million doors.”

Statement Piece

Vintage turquoise rings from Beth’s grandmother

“My grandma’s always been into fashion and was actually a model, too. One of the turquoise rings I am wearing, she used to wear all the time when I was a kid. She’s slowly been giving me pieces from her collection.”

Beth’s Feel-Good Favorites

Benefit Lip & Cheek Stain | Fenty Bralette | Éminence Rosehip Oil

Ryan Lerma

Creative director and co-owner of Passport Vintage

“I’ve always loved vintage clothing and how unique it is. I want to be able to dress in a different way any day of the week and be a different person anytime I feel like it. I’m always open to new influences.”

Statement Piece

Vintage chain

“I got the chain from Katie Caplener, who owns Vada Jewelry. She mainly designs all her own pieces, but she also sells vintage jewelry like this one. She’s a really good friend, so it means a lot to me to wear this piece I got from her.”

Ryan’s feel-good favorites

Will Bryant’s “Pretty Positive”Vada necklaceFlat Track coffee

Riley Blanks

Communication artist, storyteller, activist and founder of Woke Beauty

“It all comes back to the word ‘communication.’ It’s a form of expression — you’re telling a story through what you wear. If something has a meaning and there’s soul behind it, I’m into it.”

Statement Piece

Loving v. Virginia necklace

“The necklace is a representation of Loving v. Virginia, which is the case that reversed the state law against interracial marriage. I’m biracial, so that’s impactful to me. Everything I wear is centered around someone or something that has largely influenced who I am.”

Riley’s feel-good favorites

Cricket hair pick comb | High Sun Low Moon bath soakHerbalogic herb drops

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