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June 2015: TRIBEZA Talk

Hidden Hiking Trails – TRIBEZA

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Discover Austin’s hidden hiking trails

“I grew up in the Barton Hills neighborhood, so I’ve been going down to the Barton Creek Greenbelt since I was a little kid,” says Austin native Scott Fehrenkamp. Through serving on the leadership council of Emerging Professionals in Conservation (EPIC), Fehrenkamp has also come across some of Austin’s less frequented hiking trails, like the limestone and gravel paths at Milton Riemer’s Ranch Park, just south of Hamilton Pool, the rolling hills of Westcave Preserve, and the water-side trails of Pedernales Falls State Park. “Once you get to the titular falls of the park it’s really nice. There are interesting rock formations sculpted by the flow of the water — very cool looking.” When it comes to hidden gems, Fehrenkamp looks for smaller trails, like those in the Bull Creek Greenbelt or Mary Moore Searight Park. Or, he says, “You can always blaze your own trail.”


Sunroom - TRIBEZA                              Sunroom - TRIBEZA                           Stag - TRIBEZA

Frenzy Swim Trunks, Sunroom | $74       Wattle Swim Trunks, Sunroom | $74       Katin Parker Trunk, Stag | $58

Whether you’re hitting the beach or lounging poolside, you must make sure you’re properly suited. “A lot of guys are pretty conservative in their everyday dress,” says Sunroom’s Lucy Jolis, “but you see even conservative dressers buying some of the more fun board shorts and swim trunks.” This season the trend is toward trunks that hit above the knee, with stripes or vintage Hawaiian prints, like those from Australian brand Critical Slide Society. For a bolder approach, Stag Provisions has powerful patterns from Burkman Bros. For laid-back guys, the South Congress shop also carries muted tones in boardshorts from Faherty.


Craftsman - TRIBEZA
Two years ago, while taking a stroll with his boxer, Murphy, Brandon Testa came across the 1920-built house that’s now home to Craftsman, a new cocktail bar on East Cesar Chavez. Owner Testa intentionally preserved the building’s heritage — longleaf pine floors, wrap-around porch, and wood panels featuring vintage Austin Lumber Company stamps — while creating a space where friends could hang out. Officially opened May 3, Craftsman offers a low-key ambiance to enjoy drinks like Prosecco on tap and cocktails like Pants On The Ground, a combination of Campari and Green Flash Soul Style IPA on the rocks with Prosecco and orange peel.


Working as a landscape architect for 15 years in Austin, Daniel Woodroffe cultivated a commitment to outdoor spaces that runs deep. As the president of theAustin Parks Foundation, Woodroffe works to revitalize spaces like Republic Square, and raise the profile of neighborhood parks that need more care and attention. He also looks for ways to share the outdoors with his 3-year-old son, Ethan. “Whether that’s taking him camping or having a day out at Barton Springs, immersive things where I can teach him what I do in the environment,” Woodroffe says. He gave us a look at what’s on his Father’s Day wish list.


Summer days are made to be outside, but not without a little SPF. Dr. Jennifer Gordon of Westlake Dermatology offers these tips for keeping your skin safe in the summer sun.

  • HOW TO BATTLE AGING: “You definitely want a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 or higher, and is broad spectrum so it covers both UVA and UVB rays. The more we know about UVA, it looks like it can cause skin cancer, and it is also the big culprit in aging.”
  • TAKE A SHOT: “If you think about a shot glass, that’s how much sunscreen should be going on your entire body. You want to fill up that shot glass completely.”
  • NO. 1 RULE: “Reapplication of sunscreen is huge. That’s the step a lot of us forget, and why we end up burned.”