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West Elm Goes Local: Austin Business

West Elm- TRIBEZA Austin Magazine

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As part of its LOCAL initiative, modern furniture retailer West Elm is partnering with a handful of local companies to spread the love for Austin-made goods. “It’s great to see them highlighting the talent we have in Austin and around Texas,” says artist Leah Duncan. Duncan, along with Son of a Sailor, Alyson Fox, and Hemlock & Heatherare being showcased in select Texas stores and online. “Any time now we say we’re in West Elm people are like, oh, so you’re not just a mom and pop shop, which we are, we’re a family-run business, but it legitimizes us and helps spread the word about us, not just in Texas but nationally,” says Hemlock & Heather’s Kelley Denby.

The additional reach allows these makers — and their work — to bring their work into people’s homes on a broader scale. “People tell me all the time that my artwork brings a smile to their face every time they see it in their home,” Duncan says. “If I’m bringing a bit of cheer, happiness or warmth to someone’s life through my work that makes it all the better.”