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Austin Interior Designer Robin Bond Will Make You Cry (In a Good Way)

Learn about Robin Bond's varied portfolio, interest in custom drapery, and ability to make clients cry tears of joy

Dining Room
Upscale dining room and kitchen designed by Robin Bond Interiors

In the ever-fluctuating interior design market, twenty years in business is no easy feat. For Robin Bond Interiors, that’s achieved by giving clients, as their website states, “the style you want with the convenience you need.”


Luxury Austin bedroom designed by Robin Bond Interiors


Geometric art featured in elegant entryway of modern Austin home

Prioritizing speed and sustainability

She does this simply: with the promise of turnkey services from finish specs to furnishings, clients help develop their home’s creative concept without having to get down to the nitty gritty. Robin Bond Interiors does all the ordering, receiving, installation, and deliveries, so clients can focus on getting what they want without having to do all the work. She works primarily in residential spaces with some commercial work, noting an upcoming project on an office in Horseshoe Bay. In her twenty years of work, she’s honed her skills in speed and sustainability, making her services long-lasting while minimizing your time and costs.

Creating custom pieces

Sheer quantity of experience aside, what’s unique about Robin Bond Interiors is its emphasis on creating custom pieces. On average, in a 200-piece package, Bond will create about twenty custom pieces, offering each client a collection completely their own. Since discovering her passion for drapery while working on custom pieces, Bond has started a second company, Draped, which produces custom drapery, bedding, and shades. 

The best part of her job? “I like to make people cry in a good way,” Bond laughs. “At the end of a project, it’s nice to see people so excited that they just start crying. That’s how you know you’ve done your job.”

Read all about Robin Bond and her work on her website, and check out Draped for more.

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