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Meet the Modern Hippie Behind This Austin Interior Design Studio

Learn about Heidi Houdek's creative storytelling through the design

(photo courtesy of Modern Hippie Design Studio)

Heidi Houdek is an accountant-turned-interior-designer, or, as we like to call her, a modern hippie. After serving her time in her nine-to-five job, Houdek found herself increasingly interested in the interior design of her own home. “I started to get more in tune with the creative parts of my personality,” she explains. Now, she makes it her business to help you do the same.


Upscale bedroom designed by Heidi Houdek of Modern Hippie Design Studio


Shower interior featuring hardware and geometric tiling in modern bathroom

An elevated bohemian aesthetic

With the encouragement of her children, she hired a photographer, built a website, began picking up clients, and eventually founded her company, Modern Hippie Design Studio. Described as inspired by an “elevated bohemian” aesthetic, Houdek’s work is distinct in its style while still maintaining the creative integrity of each individual client, with her approach centered on telling the client’s story rather than her own. “I don’t like to come in and put my taste and aesthetic all over someone else’s house,” she says. Instead, she prefers to introduce ideas to the client and use their feedback to narrow in on a vision. 

A focus on each client’s story

To Houdek, the most important part is getting to know her client and the story they want to tell. She uses a unique questionnaire designed to get to know each client’s personality and style, and she likes to prioritize the placement of personal pieces, like art and prized possessions, that the client wants to incorporate into the design. Those pieces, she believes, give her a sense of the client’s aesthetic and what’s important to them. “Everybody has a little creative self inside of them. Everybody has their own story to tell,” she explains. “I like to come in and tell that story through the design.”

A complete listing of Modern Hippie’s offerings can be found at their website, from new build design to room transformation, as well as e-design (which is completely virtual), consulting services, and a portfolio of pre-styled spaces to shop. 

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