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CoCollect: The Art of Art Collecting in Austin

With a mission to make fine art more accessible, this local service invites you to loan or own museum-quality works

Artist: Denise Prince (photo by Molly Culver)

Just over a year ago, CoCollect publicly launched with a mission to redefine art collecting, dedicated to making fine art more accessible. Now expanding beyond Austin to other major cities, they’re reshaping how people experience and appreciate art.

CoCollect is a membership-based service that offers individuals, interior designers, and commercial partners the opportunity to “loan-or-own” emerging and museum-quality art. Members can rotate pieces in their collection or purchase them at any time.

Artist: Ronnie Landfield at Waterline Fine Art Gallery (photo by Molly Culver)

Each member is paired with an industry expert to help them select their collection. From the initial consultation to the final white glove installation, CoCollect makes sure that every art collection uniquely represents each member’s aesthetic.

Education is also a huge part of what CoCollect does, with texts twice a month that deliver insights about the specific artworks hanging in the member’s space (over 500 sent in the past year!).

Artist: Margo Wolowiec (photo by Molly Culver)

Keli Hogsett, Founder & CEO, says, “Traditional art collecting can be intimidating, expensive, and time-consuming. But we break down these barriers by providing a bespoke experience through personalized art recommendations, the ability to loan the artwork, and an educational program that fosters a meaningful connection to the art in your home.” 

Artist: Josef Albers (photo by Molly Culver)

Another big part of CoCollect’s mission is to bolster support for the arts community. They host local events like pop-up dinners, interactive demos, and art talks in corporate offices and public spaces. With all their events, CoCollect aims to educate, inspire and connect a creative community supporting the arts. 

Book a consultation with one of CoCollect’s expert advisors and discover an art collection for your space, or consider gifting a membership for the holidays.