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Designer Christina Simon’s Tips on How to Get the Midcentury-Modern Look

Midcentury Modern Design Tips

Christina Simon’s tips on how to get the look

Mark Ashby Design’s Christina Simon spearheaded the project to transform a small Zilker ranch house into a midcentury-modern dream home.

“The concept of midcentury modern can have a number of different expressions,” says Simon. “You might see one type of fabric in Europe and take cues from that to make it more current, or choose a different textile to make it softer. The more you’re studied on it, the more nuanced it will look.”

Simon suggests learning the language of the esthetic which relies on minimalism, natural shapes and textures as well as balance to achieve perfect imperfection. The following pieces are highlighted as key elements of a room because they are practical in their simplicity or a provide the finishing touch to a midcentury-modern space.


“This is from the Noguchi Museum Shop; we were looking for something bright and luminous and these paper pendants give off the perfect warmth.” Akari 70EN Ceiling Lamp, $550,

Midcentury-Modern Furnishings

Photograph by Clay Grier

“Getting a MCM look means having a couple of built-in pieces, so we had a carpenter create this daybed. To recreate the look, make a platform daybed and put some cushions on top of it – we had a local upholsterer create ours, and the whole look adds textural interest.”

Midcentury Modern Ib Kofod Larsen Selig Armchair, $2,395,

Amoeba Wild Walnut 42.5-Inch Wide Coffee Table, $299,

Chisos Aerial, Nick Simonite, Price Upon Request,

Fabricut Soho Stripe
fabric in Shadow, $83.25/


“If you want to create a thoughtful look, you have to be very thoughtful about each piece. If all of these planters were terra-cotta, you get a totally different look, so to get that MCM look, just add in a mix of everything: local nurseries, Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters – just pick and choose.” Deep Nesting Basket Set, $120,