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First Look at the Beautiful Homes on Tribeza Interiors Tour 2020

Tribeza Interiors Tour 2020

Presented by SWBC Mortgage

January 26, 2020

Get a sneak peek inside the one-of-a-kind homes that will be on this year’s tour:

Andrée Chalaron and Amity Worrel

Amity Worrel & Co.

What sets Amity Worrel and Andrée Chalaron apart is an innate sense of style and the ability to intuit what clients really want. In this East Austin residential project, the homeowners desired a look that was refreshing, “bright and calm,” with a neutral palette and textures, materials and craftsmanship. Read more.

Sara Barney


In the three years since starting BANDD DESIGN, Sara Barney has worked with numerous young families to create spaces that are “casual, but still beautiful, approachable and functional.” Her recent extensive Camelot neighborhood project was all about taking risks. Read more.

Heather Blue Harkovich

Heather Scott Home & Design

Heather Blue Harkovich spent a decade in corporate marketing before founding Heather Scott Home & Design with her husband, Scott, in 2006. This Austin home is an ideal example of her firm’s aesthetic: “classic, new traditional and chic.” Read more.

Hugh Randolph and Trisha Shepard

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

The current owners of this West 32nd Street home, which was built in 1939, called on Hugh Randolph and in-house designer Trisha Shepard for a reverent but modern remodel of the property. Randolph, whose firm has been in business in Austin for more than 25 years, returns to the Interiors Tour after being featured in 2018. Read more.

Sara Cukerbaum

SLIC Design

Texas native Sara Cukerbaum isn’t afraid to be bold. The former hedge fund manager turned interior designer opened her business, SLIC Design, in 2010 and has since developed a reputation for her minimalist, modern and colorful aesthetic, rich with clean lines and custom pieces. Read more

Meeta Morrison

Meeta Morrison Designs

Meeta Morrison’s aesthetic is inspired by her Indian heritage, Texas upbringing and years spent as a studio artist. Over the past decade, she’s taken up a second career in design helping Austinites get their dream home. But one of her latest projects, her own Bee Caves residence, was quite the design challenge. Read more.

Sara Scaglione

Shabby Slips Interiors

Shabby Slips’ Sara Scaglione has design in her DNA. Recently, Scaglione, who enjoys creating contrast with texture and color, revamped the interior of a Westlake home for a longtime client, adding natural light, whimsical textiles and modern accents. Read more.

Page Gandy and Allison Gaskins

3 Fold Design Studio

Page Gandy has always been interested in bold color and pattern. This latest project is in Austin’s Westwood neighborhood for a family with three young boys. In addition to the interiors, Gandy’s firm completed the building plans, making room for a big kitchen and separate spaces for the family to use as the children grow older. Read more.