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Workshop No. 5 Designs Inviting and Innovative Kitchen in Brentwood

Architect Vani Singal renovates the central room of her own home to increase functionality and visual interest

Styling by Stephanie Bohn

Workshop No. 5 is a local commercial and residential architecture firm, founded seven years ago by Vani Singal.

Singal recently completed an inspired remodel on her own home in Brentwood, taking a minimalistic, industrial-style kitchen and turning it into a warm, family-friendly space for dinners at home. In addition to being the homeowner, Singal also worked as the architect and contractor on the property, which was originally built in 2003.

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“It was a huge learning experience,” says Singal of working on her own home. “As architects, we have a vague understanding, but until you deal with it, it isn’t quite as real.”

The house has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms in its 1,900-square foot space.

The design presented several challenges, with limited natural light, space and budget. The team started by sketching ideas to maximize storage space, accentuate architectural details and fill the room with natural light. To accomplish this, custom pantry cabinets and upper cabinets were added to the space. Cabinets were made to be white to allow natural light to bounce off of the surface, while wood accents gave the space a warmer feel. A custom backsplash with terrazzo tile brings a small, but impactful dose of color to the kitchen.

“I love the backsplash and the storage we gained,” says Singal. “It helped clean up our space so much by allowing all things to have a resting place.”

For even more storage, a new bookcase was built along the stair wall to mirror the angles of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Workshop No. 5 was able to create a functional and creative space for Singal’s family home in Brentwood, a neighborhood she loves for its walkability and friendly neighbors.

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