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Dive into Austin’s Vibrant Local Food Culture with the inKind App

Foodies, You Have Been Empowered

Imagine this: You’re craving local eats. You don’t know where to go. What if an app notification could guide your dining decisions? With an inKind app subscription, you can discover local vendors with enticing deals, exclusive perks, and more.

Because in a lively city like Austin, having an app that effortlessly supports local businesses is a game-changer.

Keeping It Local

As Austin grows, so does our residents’ appetite for fresh, exciting places to eat. This competitive atmosphere makes for great food posts on Instagram. But it also creates an unforgiving market for restaurant investors and owners.

That’s where inKind steps in. According to CEO and co-founder Johann Moonesinghe, inKind is dedicated to investing in local vendors and fostering enduring success. Its unique business model benefits both Austin’s hometown restaurants and the foodies that enjoy them.

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Order local eats on inKind
Photo by Jane Yun

How the inKind App Works

If you prefer a minimalist approach to your home screen, you likely appreciate having fewer apps cluttering it. inKind doesn’t clutter your phone with distracting alerts or an annoying buzz. It gives you discounts on great places to eat in town (and across the country).

Users choose from the inKind House Account Program or the inKind Pass. Both options offer bonuses to spend at any partner restaurant.

“Consumers save money when they dine with the inKind app,” Moonesinghe says. “When Austinites choose to use inKind, it benefits both consumers and the restaurants.”

The benefits aren’t just financial, either.

Behind the app’s success is a team of entrepreneurial minds that cracked the code on making both guests and restaurant owners happy. The key is the unique relationship between the business and the consumer that inKind cultivates.

inKind allows you to discover new places, view menus and book reservations. The app also permits splitting checks and purchasing gift cards.

Building a Loyal Customer Base

Creating a generation of loyal customers for local restaurants is at the center of inKind’s mission.

Moonesinghe emphasizes that consistent support for Austin restaurants from inKind users relies on the growing participation of consumers and restaurants within the platform.

As more users and restaurants join inKind, the network is strengthened, enhancing the local restaurant ecosystem on both ends.

As the number of people joining the app grows, more food vouchers are purchased to support local eateries. This increased support significantly improves the chances of your favorite local businesses staying open.

“It’s a win-win model for both operators and consumers,” says Moonesinghe.

Because the company has roots in the city, inKind partners reflect the desires of the locals who visit them.

“For inKind to be able to sell credit to a restaurant, consumers must want to go there,” Moonesinghe says.

The standards are high and the selections are curated. It ensures that, according to Moonesinghe, “No matter where you dine with inKind, you’ll always find a great restaurant experience.”

The continued investment in local businesses is what sets inKind apart from other experience coupon services — and what makes it such a great fit for Austin.

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Ember Kitchen and Subterra Agave Bar
Ember Kitchen & Subterra Agave Bar. Photo by Jane Yun.

inKind App Is More Than Meals

Not only is it the new go-to app for a good meal, but the vouchers inKind offers can also be redeemed across town. (Your favorite coffee shop, cafe or bar are probably partners.)

Notable spots that can be found through the app include Paperboy, TenTen, Valentina’s and more.

inKind owns and operates two dining spaces of its own, Ember Kitchen and Subterra Agave Bar. It’s based on the same principles of continuity and customer satisfaction.

As high-rises pop up where old spots were and favorites are bulldozed for parking lots, it’s getting harder for Austinites to support local businesses. We’re always interested in something new, but we want it to last.

With inKind, that mission is tangible. It lets locals extend support in ways that make restaurant owners and operators feel secure.

Download inKind to experience a foodie culture that cares.

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