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BOXT Delivers Wine In 6 Flavor Profiles & Eco-Friendly Packaging

An elevation of the Napa experience for those who think outside the bottle

At the end of the day, few things beat kicking back with a glass or two (or three) of your favorite wine. Sipping wine is usually centered around great food, conversation and company, but it can also be confusing and intimidating.

Behold BOXT — a series of fine wines that are changing the game one home at a time. Created by Sarah Puil, the consumer-centric brand launched in March of 2020 and contains six core profiles including three reds and three whites. The surprise? They come in an eco-friendly box that ships right to your front door. For some, that may conjure up images of college days or cast doubts on quality.

“Once they see the box and taste the wine, they don’t put us in that lane,” says Puil. “There’s no comparison. It is a luxury wine experience that we’re creating.”

BOXT founder and avid wine lover, Sarah Puil.

Although it was a big leap to leave the corporate world behind and enter the mostly male-dominated field, Puil’s years in the global business development space left her ready for a more personal endeavor.

“I’ve always been somebody who believes that experiences are the way to get to know people, to create loyalty, to kind of create permission to interact. And so really, I knew that I was ready to do something on my own,” she explains.

Puil met with countless wine experts and conducted extensive research to ensure a direct-to-consumer approach would work for the alcohol-based product. This is where the brand really transforms the usual premium wine experience. Rather than focusing on specific varietals, BOXT emphasizes the descriptors that are evoked while tasting the wine. For example, Profile One is “bright, crisp and dry” while Profile Six is “sweet, juicy and velvety.” The unique process is leaving a new generation of wine drinkers surprised at what they prefer when preconceptions are left at the door.

The wines are sourced from around the world before being blended at the brand’s winery in Napa. This helps guarantee that, regardless of external environmental factors affecting the grapes any given year, the taste remains consistent among batches. Plus, they’re made without any additives.

Early on, while navigating between new variables and unforeseeable shifts, one component that naturally arose during production was sustainability. BOXT is completely compostable, and one unit has 50% lower carbon emissions compared to a single bottle. Puil also plants a tree for each box that’s produced in collaboration with the nonprofit One Tree Planted, further offsetting the brand’s environmental footprint.

BOXT can be purchased à la carte or through a regular subscription service, with special benefits for members. “We have a 100% happiness guarantee. So if you bought a box of our wine and said ‘I hate this,’ we’re going to refund you right away. We start with the solution,” says Puil.

Nearly a year in, the company’s rapid growth is matched by the exciting plans in store for the future. Not only is the team 85% female, but they’ve gone from just five full-time employees to 22. Fans can expect some fun releases, too. After the successful introduction of a crisp and delicious rosé (Profile Nine), which launched during National Rosé Day in June, BOXT will debut a special wine this fall in celebration of the brand’s first shipping anniversary.

The truth is, not everyone is setting out to be a connoisseur. So whether you’re newer to the vino world or a long-time lover in search of a high-end house wine that never disappoints, revolutionize your next glass with BOXT.