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East Austin’s Latest Brewpub, The Brewer’s Table, Is Already Making Waves on the East Coast

The Brewer’s Table

Food and beer each foster community. Breaking bread with family or cracking open a cold one with friends. Until now, the familiar and beloved concepts have been divided into two categories: food and drink. The team behind The Brewer’s Table is changing that.

brewers table austin pub brewpub
Green Tomato & Blue Crab Parfait

The cross-integration of ingredients that Chef Zach Hunter prepares alongside brewer Drew Durish create a cohesive and innovative menu unlike any other in Austin. The idea is to highlight both the brew and the meal, rather than allowing one to outshine the other.

Founder Jake Maddux developed an affinity for beer during his time in the Marines. He would keep journals of each ale, lager, porter, that he consumed. His appreciation for the drink inspired the restaurant, while his focus on community breathed life into the concept.

Maintaining the cultural integrity of East Austin is important to Maddux, who understands that the neighborhood came before his business. To foster the identity of the area, the restaurant sources from local farmers and ranchers. With a direct connection to the food’s origins, Hunter and Durish have developed a specialized care for how each product is utilized. The desire to maximize ingredients and eliminate waste cultivates a symbiotic bond between brewer and chef, whose playful relationship translates to the menu.

brewers table austin pub brewpub
Prime Rib of Red Wattle Hog

When the restaurant was invited to the esteemed James Beard House in New York, they developed a menu to highlight their mission of sustainability. Six beers were paired throughout three courses, each playing off of the freshest ingredients of the time. With peach and plum season in full swing, the stone fruits snuck their way into various items. The first dinner course was a blue crab parfait with a green tomato shaved ice resembling a grown-up snow cone, sprinkled with sun-dried peach and pickled melon.

The main dinner course was a Red Wattle hog, aged 50 days, and adorned with a sweet and sour plum sauce. The dish was accompanied by a charred eggplant porridge, incorporating a smoky flavor to complement the peppered meat and juxtapose the tart plum.

brewers table austin pub brewpub
Smoked Red Wattle Pork Brisket, personalized Drew Durish stamp

The Red Wattle hog appeared twice on the menu. Prior to the prime rib, it was served in the canapes portion of the experience as a smoked brisket. To integrate acidity, the meat was artfully decorated with floral-shaped pickles aged in spent beer grain.

A unique, yet delightful addition to the menu was a smoked rabbit and sweet potato tamal drenched in a pig’s blood mole. Unlike a traditional tamal, where the husk is wasted, Hunter encases his version with potato skin so the entire product can be consumed. The rich dish was balanced by a light malt cream, and washed town with Durish’s Idée Fixe beer. The refreshing summer beer was brewed with English breakfast, lemon zest and black tea leaves to resemble a citrusy iced tea.

brewers table austin pub brewpub
Smoked Rabbit & Sweet Potato Tamal paired with Idée Fixe (4.9% ABV)

For the less adventurous eaters, there is a child-approved menu inspired by Maddux’s 3-year-old son, Sawyer. Boasting flavorful yet simple items like Cacio e Pepe, vegetable stir-fry, and breaded chicken fingers, the kid menu ensures that even the pickiest of eaters will also be nourished thoughtfully.

The restaurant is an all-around sensorial experience — a treat to smell, see, feel, and taste. Attention to flavors, textures, and quality make Maddux’s venture an impactful addition to Austin’s culinary scene. Despite the sometimes-exotic offerings, there’s a seat for everyone at The Brewer’s Table.

The Brewer’s Table is open for lunch, happy hour and dinner. Discounts are offered for members of the service industry and/or military.
Menu changes seasonally.

4715 E. 5th St. | (512) 520- 8199