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Mothering Foods is Dedicated to Nourishing the Nourishers

New mom Brennan Courtney started her meal delivery service for postpartum mothers in need of healthy, healing foods

“I think of mothering as a verb, as in taking care of everyone … this is food your mother made for you sort of thing.”

Brennan Courtney got the inspiration to start Mothering Foods when she was partaking in a food train. A southern tradition of bringing food to new parents when she was scheduled on the due date, Courtney was so moved by the honor, she went full speed ahead. She made everything from Indian porridge with healing properties to special lion’s mane teas and took all day to make everything. She then realized this was her calling and what she felt most passionate about.

Brennan Courtney of Mothering Foods.

A mom herself, Courtney understands the need to be nourished when taking care of little ones and most especially when your body has just gone through the process of making and feeding a new life.

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“Moms are the last to sit down, the first to get up, and their dinners look a lot like leftovers,” says Courtney. It doesn’t take the knowledge and background Courtney has in herbal medicine and nutrition to see that when a mother is adequately nourished, she glows so much brighter. You can tell how much it impacts everyone around her. That is why Mothering Foods is dedicated to nourishing the nourishers.

A one-woman show, she even goes as far as to hire other mothers when she needs an extra set of hands in the kitchen or otherwise. She allows the moms to bring their kiddos on deliveries because she believes work/life balance shouldn’t mean having to be apart from your kids or being forced to find expensive childcare when you are able to watch them and work. This company is truly an advocate for moms all over ATX.

When you place an order from Mothering Foods, you do so about a week in advance as you would for any pre-planned meal delivery service. The idea is to stock your fridge with healthy, healing ready-to-go foods instead of eating out or making something unhealthy out of convenience. Making it simple to pre-plan a recovery meal plan for yourself if you’re pregnant or for a friend expecting! You can order anything from light meals and snacks to complete entrees with add-ons. It’s as easy as going on her Instagram or website and using the order form to choose your ideal personalized menu. Keep in mind there are options for everyone, not just moms-to-be.

MF is unique in the sense that they use herbal properties to encourage lactation, help with hormone shifts, increase healing if there was a surgery, replenish lost vitamins, give you energy and help with iron levels, etc. So not only are you eating hyper-local delicious foods made especially to heal yourself, but with every bite, you are with intent taking care of the body that works so hard to take care of another human 24/7. Knowing where and how your food was created is a big part of just how healthy it truly is for you, and rest assured, if it comes from MF, it’s as healthy as you can get.

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Courtney sources her ingredients from farmers, down to the dairy itself, and she ensures she runs an eco-friendly company. By using electric cars to make deliveries and reusable glass or compostable packaging, MF is making as little waste as possible to ensure a low carbon impact.

Courtney drew inspiration from “The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother,” a book that gave her a big push to make this dream a reality. In eastern countries, women are supported and cared for after giving birth much differently, and Courtney found this moving. The mothers or in-laws of the woman who gave birth will feed, bathe and care for her for 40 consecutive days. With that knowledge, she wanted to cultivate a meal delivery service that was accessible, reasonably priced, wholesome, filled with healing properties and delivered to your door.

So was born Mothering Foods. Postpartum nutrition is her love language, and she wants to share her healing recipes with all the new mamas out there who are tired of having the same lactation cookies and chicken noodle soup repeatedly.

Her recipes are cultivated with cultural inspiration from around the world with herbs and spices that will excite your palate, warm your belly and make your whole household happy. Happy wife, happy life? More like Happy Mama, happy everything.