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Meet One Farm, the ATX Wellness Brand You Didn’t Know You Already Loved

Discover the source of the CBD and Superfoods popping up around Austin

one farm cbd products

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Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, suffering from systemic inflammation or just looking to improve your overall health, you are not alone.

In fact, four out of five Americans take over-the-counter wellness products to improve their health and wellbeing. With more companies entering the space, it is increasingly important to know exactly what is in the OTC products you are taking to ensure you are getting something that will be effective in a loosely regulated industry.

Enter Austin’s own One Farm. Being one of the first USDA-certified organic hemp farms in the country and fundamentally rooted in organic agriculture, One Farm understands that not all ingredients are created equally. They believe it matters how and where plants are grown, which is why they source all of their ingredients directly from the organic farmers who grow them. Cue the name: One Farm. Sourcing directly allows them to reduce their carbon footprint, support small scale organic farmers and ensure their customers get only the freshest, high-quality ingredients available.

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While all One Farm remedies can be found at, they root their brand in local collaboration, and can be found in most Austin compounding pharmacies, including Peoples RX, Lake Hills Pharmacy, Martin’s Wellness and Alive + Well.

“Through local collaborations in some of your favorite ATX neighborhood restaurants and pharmacies, One Farm has made wellness remedies accessible to even the busiest of us,” says One Farm CEO Scott Cusack. “You may have already tried One Farm products without knowing!”

Check out the latest and greatest One Farm local features below to find your favorite wellness-infused experience.

Cinnamon Ice Cream at Gati & Thai Fresh

This Cinnamon CBD ice cream is made with organic Ceylon Cinnamon which pairs amazingly with the coconut milk and gives it a refreshing, sweet and completely unique flavor. The 20mgs of organic CBD provides an extra chill to make eating ice cream even more relaxing.

Enhanced Massage at Alive + Well

Add One Farm’s Turmeric Relief Cream to any massage for some targeted relief. This powerful blend of anti-inflammatory botanicals provides instant pain relief while fighting inflammation.

Matcha at Greater Goods

Texas’ best coffee, according to Food & Wine Magazine, uses One Farm for their CBD add-on. Try it in an iced or hot matcha for an even more calming drink.

Hangover Cure at Ani’s Day and Night

The “Brewed Awakening” might be the greatest hair of the dog ever created. It combines mezcal, chili liqueur and cardamaro with turmeric, orange, house-made cold brew and a mocha simple syrup made with honey and One Farm’s Immunity Superfood Powder.

Immune Boosting Smoothie at Peoples RX

Austin’s favorite pharmacy is serving this delicious immune-boosting smoothie, made with almond milk, banana, One Farm’s Immunity Superfood Powder, cacao, almond butter, Ceylon cinnamon, cayenne and sea salt.

CBD Kombucha by Buddha’s Brew

Enjoy drinking raw kombucha the way nature intended? Then you will love Buddha’s Brew Thai Basil Kombucha, with 20mg of One Farm’s Water-Soluble CBD.

Yogurt Bowl at The Well

“The Chill” combines blue majik spirulina, Culina coconut yogurt banana, Organic CBD Oil, ashwagandha, reishi and organic house-made nut milk, layered over chia and basil seed pudding.