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Our 8 Favorite Things About Hank’s



HANK’S OWNERS ANDY MEANS AND JESSIE KATZ are clearly excited about their new restaurant, as well they should be. The sprawling eatery filled in equal measure with natural light and greenery is everything you want it to be. Delicious food and drinks (at prices that make a strong argument for another round), an easy going wait staff and a kid friendly patio all work together to make this our new favorite neighborhood joint.

Means and Katz previously owned Henri’s Cheese & Wine, which was forcibly closed two years ago after a disastrous fire. The couple already happened to be looking for a second location when the fire occurred and despite the setback kept moving forward with their partners, Danny Roth and John Rosato (owners of Southwest Strategies Group and Seaholm Power Plant developers). About the space Katz says, “We saw it and didn’t really know that much about the neighborhood but immediately fell in love. We loved the building and all the old trees. The neighborhood felt so old Austin, untouched and diverse.”

Katz says she and interior designer Claire Zinnecker wanted the space to “feel like you were on vacation and taken out of the city for a little bit.” Happily that oasis effect has been achieved and we are sure Hank’s will be a favorite for years to come.

1. Happy Hour!

Every day from 3-6:30 p.m. The hardest task will be choosing between their frosé (pictured) and frozen paloma (Katz’s favorite).

2. All Those Plants.

Zinnecker’s love of everything leafy and green shines through with this spot-on design decision.

3. Kids Welcome!

With rocking horses, a kid’s menu and books scattered throughout Hank’s manages to be just the right amount of family friendly.

4. Hank (or Henri), the Restaurants Namesake.

Means’ French grandfather settled in Augusta, Georgia where Henri mainly went by Hank. “The name felt just right” Means says. Hank’s likeness (illustrated by Rebecca Clarke) is sprinkled throughout the restaurant.

5. The Food (Don’t Forget to Order Dessert).

Our lunch favorite was the crispy rice bowl, although the burger and kale salad (with goat cheese) were a close second. Means loves the fried chicken, which is prepared in the style of his childhood – brined, less batter and served alongside hot honey.

6. Cute Owners Andy & Jessie.

This project was clearly a labor of love for the Austin couple.

7. Fronk’s Nut Milk is On Hand.

The Austin made nut milk has a cult following and you can get it by the bottle at Hank’s. When in doubt go with their addictive “This One’s Cocoa.”

8. The Size!

Hank’s interior, their patio and the parking all make it a stress free dining spot. Although if we were you we would hurry on over.