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Get Texas French Bread Delivered to Your Door

The cherished eatery is recovering from a devastating fire by launching delivery services, opening a food truck and more

Texas French Bread, the beloved bakery and farm-to-table bistro, is now offering a wide selection of delicious baked goods that can be delivered to your home.

In partnership with local grocery delivery service Farmhouse Delivery, the establishment is now taking online orders for their bakery items. Fans can once again indulge in favorites like the TFB Baguette, Raisin Pecan Sliced Loaf, Raspberry Croissant, Banana and Blueberry Muffins, Walnut Cream Scones and more.

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Photo by Holly Cowart

After a devastating fire in January left its building in ruins and its future uncertain, Texas French Bread made a hopeful return this summer by selling goods at both locations of Texas Farmers Markets. The TFB booth continues to be set up Saturdays at Lakeline and Sundays at Mueller.

The next step in Texas French Bread’s recovery is a food truck, currently scheduled to open in October. Renovations of the original bakery location’s garden area are also being finalized, with plans to invite customers to their outdoor space for an intimate dining experience. The trailer’s offerings will include a portion of their previous daytime menu, bakery items and coffee.

“We’re really excited about the food truck, and we really did this because there’s been such a groundswell of people contacting us saying that they would like us to try to make a comeback,” says owner Murph Wilcott. “On the one hand, it’s pretty overwhelming to make it happen, and then on the other hand, we’re really excited to be able to respond to that outpouring of affection that people have shown us.”

In the aftermath of the tragedy, folks around Austin rallied to help the iconic establishment take its next steps. A GoFundMe for the TFB team raised nearly $200,000, and the funds were immediately put towards providing severance for their 70-plus employees and continuing to cover the salaries and health insurance of the restaurant’s core team in order to continue operations.

Opened by Judy Wilcott in 1981, Texas French Bread’s legacy of farm-to-table food is carried on by her son, Murph Wilcott. Photo courtesy of Texas French Bread.

While it’s been a huge undertaking to navigate the expenses of repairs, salaries and organic ingredients, as well as the ever-growing cost of operating in Austin, the overwhelming support from locals invigorated the team to keep going.

It was really, really a remarkable thing,” says Wilcott. “People showed up and they did their part and put in a really meaningful amount of money. We decided that if they were willing to do that, we wanted to match that effort and level of investment to get a new bakery kitchen open.”

“We have a really great crew and they’re excited to be back baking again,” shares TFB Director Carissa Ries. “That, combined with the customers’ support and enthusiasm, really makes it all worth the stress and worries.”

A retro shot of the restaurant’s original location, which is currently being rebuilt after a devastating fire earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Texas French Bread.

In July, the TFB team started leasing a shared kitchen space in Prep ATX to resume business on a smaller scale. Since then, they have acquired their own private space, allowing them to expand their wholesale accounts. Businesses can now visit the “Wholesale” tab on the Texas French Bread website to make an inquiry regarding this service.

“There’s no way we would have been able to come back without the support from the community,” adds Wilcott. “We hope that we can be successful in our return.”

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