art bra austin tribeza

Austin Social Hour
July 2017

Photographs by Leonid Furmansky

Art Bra Austin

June 3, 2017

The Breast Cancer Resource Center hosted its sixth annual fundraising gala, Art Bra Austin, on Saturday, June 3. This year, 61 pieces of wearable art were modeled and auctioned with all proceeds benefiting the BCRC, a nonprofit organization providing guidance, education, and assistance to thousands of local women whose lives have been disrupted by breast cancer.

art bra austin tribeza
Cara Dellavedova, Jaylinn Davidson, Angelica Robinson & Jennifer Wallace
Art bra austin bcrc tribeza
Sophia Spera, Claire Spera, Gracen Bivens & Kiira Bivens
art bra austin bcrc tribeza
Andrew Tilin, Shellie Oroshiba & Mary Leonard
art bra austin bcrc tribeza
Michelle Snethkamp, Jennifer Parmer, Michelle Duoto & Robin Smith
art bra austin bcrc tribeza
Meaghan Khan, Hannah Bennett & Hannah Lopez
art bra austin bcrc tribeza
Lisa McVey & Kristin Hampsten
art bra austin bcrc tribeza
Alex Reynolds & Madison Pope
art bra austin bcrc tribeza
Kara & McKenna Dellavedova

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