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Paige Booth

Paige Booth has created collage art for years. A highly successful marketing professional and consultant by trade, she took up collage after her love for art made her ask, “Do I have something to contribute? What can that be?”

While she’s been sheltering at home, collage has provided Booth a means to combat feelings of isolation and loss of connection with loved ones.

“I can see the arrive through our front window. I would wonder if there was something in the mail, and there wasn’t. It was awful,” Booth shares. She realized that if she hoped the mail would break the monotony of staying at home, then other people might have the same hope. Inspired to translate her collages to the size of a postcard, she started surprising her loved ones with art in the mail.

Booth loves collage art because it’s “tactile and something you can hold with your hands. It’s a nice antidote to all the screen time we’re having now.”

Booth’s mailed collage pieces have fostered existing relationships while cultivating new ones. Friends and followers have requested collages, and she’s even received one in exchange. Though difficult to grapple with at first, social distancing allowed her to take a “leap of bravery” with her creativity.