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A Bumper Crop on a Bull Creek Lot

Bull Creek Tribeza

Feature Article: Austin Architecture


A Bumper Crop on a Bull Creek Lot
The Modern Farmhouse Like You’ve Never Seen It.

Feature Article: Austin Architecture


A Bumper Crop on a Bull Creek Lot
The Modern Farmhouse Like You’ve Never Seen It.


By Taylor Prewitt
Photographs by Casey Dunn

This home on Lakemoore Drive, in Austin’s Bull Creek neighborhood, has its roots on the farm, but its soul plows a more modern vibe. The project got its start when a couple tried to remodel their existing house to meet the needs of their young family and lifestyle. When they found they just couldn’t achieve what they wanted, they looked down the street and bought an empty lot 1,000 feet away.

After purchasing the lot in 2014, they approached Austin architect Stuart Sampley, hoping for a floor plan that reflected how they lived (with two young boys) and how they entertained (often).

Their new home’s cohesive layout — clean lines and open spaces, furnishings and modern pool was born of a deep collaboration with Sampley and other designers.

The architect created a unique, Z-shaped layout for their 4,513 square-foot home, an update on the traditional farmhouse frame. That aesthetic — a twisting of timeless classics — is one that’s carried throughout the home’s master and guest suites, kids’ rooms, living spaces, dining area and media room.

Inside, expansive white walls give way to wide, open spaces offset by painted and finely milled shiplap: a subtle, polished nod to farmhouses of old.

Outside, what appears to be wood siding is really a textured, HardiePlank material, painted in a deep, nearly black gray to offset the classic lines and give the structure a look that quietly subverts its genre of origin. Nods to this design heritage are present throughout.

At the owners’ request, Lakemoore was built to last, made with quality materials capable of withstanding time, as well as the couple’s children. Everything from the way the house was framed to how the trim was installed was designed and engineered to ensure longevity.

But these essential elements were also meant to fade into the background, playing a quiet, supporting role to the interior design by Jennifer Greer Hartmann of GREER Interior Design and the pool and landscape design by Jan Garcia-Sotelo III of modern design+build.

It’s the lovely co-existence of all three elements that make Lakemoore a home that is a modern, yet timeless classic.

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