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Holiday Gifts For Austin Moms, By Austin Moms

Laura Mayes

The Mom 2.0 Summit co-founder hand picks gifts made by local moms that are perfect for all the wonderful mothers in your life

Mom 2.0 Summit co-founder Laura Mayes has made a positive impact on mothers with her event that brings together bloggers, entrepreneurs, content creators and makers to facilitate conversation about working and raising children. The annual gathering of thousands of mothers aims to delights its participants. “It’s a party and a place to network and feel welcome,” says Mayes, who is one of seven incredible Austinites recognized in Tribeza’s People Issue for their work in our community this year. Mayes compiled a list of gift ideas for Austin moms that are all made by Austin moms. And, once again, her aim is to delight all the wonderful mothers in your life.

There are 10 million options for things to get people for the holidays. But if you’re like me, you mostly ignore all of them and go to Amazon at last minute and type in “Gifts for a mom,” where your search delivers bad inspirational mugs, worse jewelry and really weird wall hangings. Why are these the options? This not what your favorite mom wants. If you think it’s ugly, a mom thinks it’s ugly. Trust me on this. So what do you get a mom? Why not look to other moms and what they’re putting out there in the world. That way you give to a mom twice. Here are some options from Austin moms, to Austin moms: