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Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Hugh Randolph and Trisha Shepard

The two-story home with the salmon-colored façade on West 32nd Street is easily recognizable to all who drive by it. Built in 1939, the Colonial Revival is a designated city landmark and was the home of Reverend Ernest C. Webb, the Wesley Bible Chair at UT from 1921 to 1923, and his wife, Eleanora, and its current homeowners were keen on keeping many of its original details in tact. They called on Hugh Randolph, who was featured in the 2018 tour and has been running his business in Austin for more than 25 years, for a reverent but modern remodel of the property.

They wanted plenty of contrast, more storage and natural light, as well as a floor plan with a bit of whimsy. The architect believes there “is a blurred line between where architecture stops and interiors begin” thanks to Kimberly Renner of The Renner Project for the finish-outs and in-house designer Trisha Shepard for the furnishings, which honor the history of the home as well as the juxtaposition of old and new details.

Large stucco columns create a sense of shelter toward the back of the home, while the main spaces are balanced with concrete flooring, glass and wooden accents. The living room, with floor-to-ceiling windows, is by far the most contemporary room in the house and includes a built-in entertainment unit as well as pieces from 1stdibs, artist Roi James, subdued colors and personal items. “Nothing makes a project feel more successful than, when upon completion, the space exudes the clients’ personality and one can feel them in the space,” Shepard says.

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